Film Scoring Tips: How a Perfect Music Composer will bring you to the Top in the Industry

    film scoring tips

    In the previous years, several people copied others’ music, but these days, everyone loves to listen to unique as well as different music. If you are a music composer, you need to keep certain things in your mind while composing music. In this blog, you will get information about several significant tips to be a perfect music composer.

    Let?s take a gander at them.

    Plan your practice

    Practice makes a man perfect. So, to get anything good or achieve a goal, you need to practice. In order to be a perfect music or film composer, you need to plan your practice well to maximize your results.

    For instance,

    • You must try to re-score scenes from well-known movies on two days in a week like Monday and Thursday.
    • In order to be the best music composer, you must start watching informative videos on Tuesday.
    • Plan your business meetings and spotting sessions on Wednesday.
    • You must do proper research on different film scoring techniques on Friday.
    • Start reading books on film scoring and stay updated (general task).

    In this way, you will learn as well as experience certain new things and how other music composers work. Afterward, you will be able to tackle real-life projects. Make sure you continue reading books and learning new things to keep you updated all the time.

    Find a mentor

    Yes, it is also a great idea to be a perfect composer and the best way into scoring a feature film. As we already mentioned, you must do proper research, and find the best music composer near you to learn certain things. You can also apply for becoming a well-known music composer?s assistant. Several people claim that they learn a lot of things and get the best education. Without having the responsibilities that the composer has, you can learn new things and grab knowledge about the music industry too.

    How can you do this?

    • You can simply contact the composer on LinkedIn. This is what others do to find an experienced and professional mentor.
    • Let them know that you send them an email a couple of days later so that they can follow-up on your query. This can only be done if they are not spending enough time on LinkedIn.
    • You can also ask them for a meeting, but make sure, do not push them too much in the very first mail. Ask politely, whether he or she wants to listen to your work and always respect their answer, no matter what the response is.
    • If you manage all the things well, then your chances of success have drastically improved.

    Keep up with the latest trends.

    To achieve success or accomplish your goal, you need to start watching movies similarly as a scriptwriter. It will help you to get information on the latest or recent trends and pick up new storytelling techniques because a good film composer also does this to achieve success. If a movie director asks you to compose music similarly as others, do not make a mistake to deny his query. You have to present what exactly they want from your side.

    That?s why we recommend you to watch several movies so that you can get information about different types of music. Besides, you also try to practice well-known and trendy sounds.

    Try to be a solid composer

    It is necessary for you to be a solid composer who knows his craft properly. And to be a good film and music composer you need to write quickly. Make sure, you can simply finish your work within deadlines and be able to handle a wide variety of moods. This depicts that you have a flexible nature, which is important to be successful and to achieve goals.

    Be Unique

    It is a great decision to work on a unique voice in order to stand out in a crowd. It is necessary to do as there is a sea of music composers. Additionally, you need to balance several things. Do not try to copy other?s formula to be successful, it will only give you temporary success or fame. So, try to be unique and make your identity with your unique works.

    Be Dramatist

    To be a perfect music composer, you need to understand the characters, story, and scenes of the movie. This will help you to write film music really well. These are the necessary subjects, you need to deal with while trying to be a good composer.

    Try to build quality contacts.

    You must try to build quality contacts. Make sure you start working on new projects with new filmmakers to build your reel. It is a great way to build quality contacts and save your time, which you are going to waste on finding big projects.

    To build good contacts must-read below-mentioned points-:

    • First is Sending a demo. You can simply be done digitally these days. It must be impressive, stand out, and custom-tailored to their project.
    • Plan a face to face meeting and you will get complete information about everything.
    • Following up on demos once a week.
    • Don?t just say hello when you need them or they have a project, keep the relationship going.
    • Self-promotion is another way to achieve what you want. Do not hesitate to start with short movies, make sure you build your resume and move up.

    Know how to talk to filmmakers

    It is an essential thing you need to learn if you really want to be a successful or perfect composer. To talk to filmmakers, you need to be flexible as well as polite. Besides, you also get some information about films including story, directing, editing, screenwriting, acting, and especially story structure. This is significant not only to be a good dramatist but also to be a good composer. It will also help you to have meaningful discussions with the filmmakers.

    Do good work and put it out there.

    You must try to do good work and put your music out there. You can put your composing anywhere, no matter what the platform is. Yes, it is a good idea to place it in a film, but putting on social media will help you a lot such as Facebook and other social media profiles.

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