International schools fostering critical thinking and creativity in students

    We live in an age when the traditional pedagogical approach of preparing the students for only standardized assessments is not enough. We live in a fast-paced and ever-changing world where holistic learning is of paramount importance for being prosperous.

    Academic proficiency supplemented with critical thinking and creativity is one of the crucial skills that today?s leading students possess. But, schools cannot teach such skills through textbook learning.

    For instance, a few higher secondary school condition the students into thinking critically and exploring creativity through pathways like project-based learning, STEM programmes, dialogue, social skills, and more.  

    Let us find out why international schools are considered the best place to hone such skills. 

    Critical Thinking and Creativity: The Future

    Critical thinking is the ability of individuals to reach a judgment based on the evaluation of factual evidence. The essential skills that are collectively referred to as critical thinking are analysis, interpretation, inference, explanation, self-regulation, open-mindedness, and problem-solving.

    Higher secondary schools like Global Indian International School train their students in multiple areas of critical thinking. These include conceptualization of problems, analysis and application of deductions, and synthesis or evaluation of gathered information. The analytical environment provided by them trains students on observational, reflective, reasoning, and communication skills. 

    Creativity is the symbolic soul of the world. It is the primary characteristic that serves as the foundation for almost every skill. Irrespective of the industry, ranging from art to tech, creative people with innovative approaches to problems are celebrated everywhere. It is also one of the key focus areas of international schools in abu dhabi

    Besides academic excellence, the international higher secondary schools motivate and encourage students to pursue outside classroom programmes and extracurricular activities. The phenomenal exposure to activities outside the classroom also enables the students to pursue their interests and advance cognitive growth. 

    How GIIS Abu Dhabi tackles teaching critical thinking and creativity

    Global Indian International School is part of 22 international schools in 7 countries across the world. Managed and run by GSF Foundation, GIIS Abu Dhabi is one of the most prominent international schools in instilling critical thinking and creativity. 

    GIIS Abu Dhabi is a great advocate of critical thinking. The teaching process of School is as much interested in the students? holistic development than academic results. The School teaches such proficiencies by delivering valuable and supportive facts to students? arguments, encouraging them to ask questions, and nudging them softly towards solving problems independently. 

    The School emphasizes academic excellence while focusing on universal values, ethics, discipline, creativity, and personality development in the initial years. There is a transition to focus on academic achievement, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills in the higher secondary years. 

    GIIS Abu Dhabi follows the 9GEMS approach in shaping the learning, including Academic Excellence, Sports Excellence, Visual and Performing Arts, Personality Development, Innovation and Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Universal values and Ethics, Community and Care, and Skills Development.

    The School has been lauded several times for its balanced approach towards the multi-dimensional growth of its pupils. The School received multiple awards and accolades from several national and international organizations for its all-round development approach in the curricula. 


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