5 Great Organizational Tips For Students

As a student, you have a lot of things going on at once. Classes alone are a handful, and if you play sports then you have additional stress added to your life. It is important to stay organized as a student to do well in the classroom. These five tips will help all students stay organized with their busy schedules.

1.   Avoid Procrastination

This ties in with the previous point. Procrastination can be the most stressful thing as a student. When you have a big assignment due that is due in a short amount of time you start to feel a lot of pressure. However, by creating a routine you are more organized and will be more likely to divide the work for a big project over multiple days. This will help reduce the stress that could arise, and it will help you perform better in the classroom.

color-coding your folders

2.  Color Coding

Color coding is also important to stay organized. When it comes to schoolwork, it is important to have a folder and notebook that is distinguishable for each class. By color-coding your folders and notebooks, you can keep track of notes and assignments without any added stress. There are other fancy ways to store notes and handouts such as a trapper keeper, but if you are using folders and notebooks color coding is highly recommended.

3.  Keep A Clean Workspace

Keeping a clean workspace is important because while you are at school for most of your day, coming home to a clean workspace increases productivity. Not only does it increase productivity, but it also ensures that you will not leave any work at home.

By maintaining a clean workspace you will know that any papers that are left out on your workspace are meant to be taken to school with you. It increases productivity because it gives you a place to get things done. It will eliminate distractions and allow you to work on what you need to get done.

4.  Create A Routine

Routines are huge for staying organized because you will have specific times set out to do various tasks. If you know that you have to work on homework for a specific block of time every day, you will be more aware of what is going on in your classes. You will also be more productive, and you will be more likely to understand what is going on in class.

5.  Keep a Calendar

A calendar is incredibly important for a student to keep track of everything going on in their life. Some refer to this as a planner, but they are essentially the same thing. This might be the most important thing that can help you stay organized. You can keep track of all assignments that are due on specific dates, and any other school-related tasks that you need to get done. Also, if you are an athlete you can keep track of your practice schedule on your online calendar. A calendar is extremely useful for students because it keeps you aware of everything that is going on in your life.

Overall, it is important that you stay organized as a student. All of these tips can be helpful, but not all of them are necessary. If you feel that only one of these tips can help you, then just focus on that one tip. Just make sure you are doing what you need to do to stay organized.

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