How To Install LED Strip Lights in Campervans and Motorcycles?

campervan led strip lights

Customization for vehicles and motorcycles is no longer an odd thing. Millions of people worldwide aren’t satisfied with generic-looking cars, campervans, motorcycles, and boats. When we think about vehicle customization, we should not only focus on giving the vehicle a new fresh coat of paint. Today lighting customization takes center stage when giving vehicles a ‘new look. That’s why it is common to hear terms such as campervan LED strip lights.

Interestingly LEDs are spearheading lighting customization in vehicles. This specific lighting is not only affordable but also an easy retrofit. Much is said about LED car interiors and exteriors; consequently, this article discusses two other vehicles that benefit from LED light strip installation: the campervan and motorcycle.

Installations of campervan LED strip lights.

A campervan is also referred to as a home away from home. It is a haven for relaxation during any road trip or camping adventure. Nevertheless, much is needed to ensure that your campervan is fit to be your ‘other’ home. That’s why giving your campervan a new look is more than just replacing the flooring or adding other fixtures.

LED strip lights can also be an excellent option to spruce your campervan to fit your style. It doesn’t matter if the van is brand new or a hand-me-down; LED strip lights can add a noble flare. You should be quick to install strip lights in your motor home for several reasons. They include the following:

LED strip lights have low power consumption

It is understandable if you desire energy-efficient lighting while on a road trip or camping. LED strip lights are good choices to stick with. You won’t have to worry about the strips sucking up your battery or any other available power source. If you check on various categories of strip lights, you will find that most of them work on low voltage.

No emission of much heat

There is little to no heat buildup when using bike LED strip lights. You wouldn’t want an oven-like environment inside your campervan. LEDs are an excellent way to light your campervan while remaining at the right temperature. Despite the many diodes in LED strip lights, the heat emission is far less than that of an individual incandescent bulb.


Planning for any retrofit in a campervan means checking and remaining within the weight range. Installing motorhome LED strip lights will have little impact on your campervans total weight.

What do you need to install campervan LED strip lights?

The guidelines for installing campervan strip lights are the same as installing these specific lights in any other location. First, you will need LED strip lights in your preferred lengths. Ensure you measure your target area carefully, so the strip lights are neither too long nor too short. Apart from the light strips, you will need connectors, controllers, and simple tools available in your toolbox.

It is also wise to determine your power source before undertaking the project. You may choose the battery as your source of power when installing LED strip lights in your campervan. Nevertheless, it is crucial to remember that a constant voltage supply to the strips will enable them to work efficiently. That’s why a regulator can help you maintain a continuous supply, thus avoiding damage to the diodes.

Most LED strip manufacturers provide a user manual to guide you in the connecting process. However, it is wise to seek professional assistance, if you still need help to do your installation. An excellent installation will ensure that your LED strip light emission remains the same through individual diodes. (You won’t have cases of some diodes flickering).

Determine the area of installation

LED strip lights are versatile and can be installed in any area of your campervan. For instance, you can mount them on the ceiling to attain ambient lighting. Conversely, you can install them beneath cabinets in the kitchen area for task lighting.

If your motorhome has other separate areas like the bathroom and sleeping area, you can mount strips for ambient, task, and accent lighting.

It all depends on your preferences on the type of colors you desire when installing motorhome LED strip lights. There are endless options to consider if you are selecting from the RGB or RGBW strip lights. These specific strip lights allow you to customize colors to suit your day’s preference.

Flexible LED light strips are a must-have choice for a campervan since they are bendable and can work within corners and the design of your campervan.

Installation of exterior campervan LED strips lights

The exterior installation of LED light strips on your campervan is incredible. It is a great way to showcase your van’s vibes and a great lighting source. Nevertheless, it is essential to ensure that you are choosing quality LED strips that can withstand outdoor elements such as snow and rain. Additionally, if you are moving from place to place, then terrains and camp locations are different; thus, you need durable strip lights.

Waterproof LED strip lights are the best option for the exterior of your campervan. Try looking at different color-changing categories from online suppliers such as

Installing bike LED light strip.

Motorcycle models vary, and therefore you require specific light customization. Nevertheless, bike LED light strips are one of the universal customizations that most bike owners desire. Installing LED on your bike is fantastic since:

  • It is one clear way of achieving an aesthetic appeal: Choosing LEDs can be the ‘wow’ factor that your bike needs. Choices can vary for different individuals. For instance, some riders love fixed-colored LED strips, while others enjoy color-changing options.
  • LEDs are very bright and can be the best solution for perfect nighttime vision.
  • LEDs are also energy efficient and won’t strain your power supply.

You can mount LED strip lights anywhere on your bike except in heated areas. Installing a motorcycle tail light strip is a plus for excellent nighttime visibility.

When connecting LED strip lights for motorcycles, you must remember the following:

  • Connect wires securely to the power source to avoid it from moving out of place when riding it.
  • Before installation, clean the specific area thoroughly. You can use water and soap or alcohol-based liquid. Cleaning will remove any dust and other debris that will hamper the effectiveness of the adhesive.
  • Using waterproof bike LED strip lights is an ultimate choice to ensure your strip works even when riding in adverse weather conditions.

In conclusion, installing LED strip lights on campervans or motorcycles is an excellent way to spruce the appearance of your vehicles. It is also an excellent way to embrace efficient lighting. Check out LED light strips perfect for motorcycles or campervans at your one-stop online destination

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