How to know who is behind an Instagram profile?

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    Recently it has received ?strange? attention from some users of Instagram? Would you like to go back to your identity to understand whether you can ?trust? them or not? If you answered yes to these questions, it is clear that you are interested in understanding how to know who is hiding behind an Instagram profile. I guessed it, right? So know that you have come to the right place at the right time!

    If you have everything clear so far, let?s not waste any more time discussing and acting immediately: make yourself comfortable, take the time to focus on reading these paragraphs, and put into practice suggestions that I will give you. 

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    Tips to know if an Instagram profile is fake

    Do you suspect that the Instagram profiles of some users have recently contacted you on the social network of the fake photos? Well then let me give you some tips on how to understand who is behind an Instagram profile and maybe find their fake profile.

    Check your profile information

    Checking Your Profile Information This is one of the first things you need to do to understand who is behind an Instagram account. In general, users who use fake partially fill in the public information present in them: some do not enter any information about the bio profile, do not publish any content, and sometimes do not even have a profile picture.

    However, be careful not to get confused with private Instagram profiles – they are something else. Some users to maintain privacy can put the private profile on Instagram: this does not necessarily mean that it is a fake profile, the user can simply decide not to share information concerning him with anyone. Do I have it?

    Another piece of advice I would like to give you is the following: if there are links to websites in the bio of the suspicious profile, try looking for information about the reputation of the sites in question (you can do a search on Google or sites like WOT).

    Consult comments and mentions

    Another trick that you would do well to follow to find out who is hiding behind an Instagram profile is that of consulting comments and mentions. The comments and mentions are a bit like ?crumbs? that users leave on the photography social network: from the comments and mention it is possible to understand the behavior of other Instagram subscribers and get some information that from these ?indications …?. valid on the authenticity of an account.

    I?ll give you a practical example, so you can better understand what I mean to you: let?s say a user posts comments that don?t conform to your posts (or those of other users), perhaps using a little ?uncertain? grammar and with the links that they check your website or invite you to buy various products and services. You are in the presence of a spammer hiding behind a fake profile.

    In other cases, you may not be able to trace the identity of a profile by checking comments and mentioning for a very simple reason: some users who create fake profiles are careful not to take steps that might arouse suspicion. Usually, people who assume this type of precautionary behavior intends to ?spy? on registered users on Instagram, trying to act in the shadows.

    Check direct messages

    One of the simplest ways to know if a spammer is hiding behind an Instagram profile or, in any case, a fake is. check direct messages. If a user floods you with messages with links to invitations to buy who knows what an amazing product is, it?s clear that it?s a spammer or, worse, a real scammer. Stay away from this and immediately block the user in question.

    When reviewing the messages in the inbox directly in your account, also pay attention to those who ask you to reveal personal information, including photos and videos of yourself or your family. 

    Typically, these users try to gain trust over time, perhaps by pretending to know some of the victim?s friends, and once they have successfully ingratiated themselves with the victim, they try to steal the information they seek.

    Please stay away from anyone who invites you to reveal information about yourself, especially if that information is quite ?intimate?: they may even use it to blackmail you. The advice I give you is that you have no relationship with these users and do not disclose information about your private sphere. A little common sense never hurts me!

    Check the origin of the published photos

    A slightly smart way to find out who is behind an Instagram profile is to check the origins of the published photos. If you are dealing with a fake profile it is very possible that the user in question published photos downloaded from the Internet to deceive you. Wondering how you can proceed in this case? Simple, do a quick search in a search engine (e.g. Google).

    Check your account verification

    Want to know if the account (presumably) that belongs to a public figure is authentic or not? There are no problems. Instagram marks the official public figure accounts with a blue cockade in which the symbol is present (?).

    If an account belonging to a public figure does not have the symbol in question, obviously it has not been verified by Instagram and therefore it is likely that it is a fake profile. Stay away from this – you are probably a spammer trying to get attention by proposing to sell your product or service.

    Find out who is behind an Instagram profile

    As I already mentioned at the beginning, even if you follow the tips given in this tutorial, you may not know with absolute certainty who the owner of an account is (except verified profile). The only way to find out who a profile belongs to is to ask the user (hoping to be honest and tell the truth about their identity!).

    Since it is unlikely that a spammer or scammer will confess that they are, it is very possible that you will not be able to trace the true identity of the user in question. 

    However, thanks to the advice I gave you in previous chapters, you can at least understand if you are in the presence of a user to stay away and you can take the necessary measures to protect yourself (for example, you can block the user in question and/or report it by pressing the  a button located at the top right and selecting the appropriate item from the menu that appears.

    If, on the other hand, you suspect that your friend?s account has been stolen by a cybercriminal (perhaps because you noticed ?strange? activity on their profile), contact your friend by phone or on another social network and explain the situation.

    If you are temporarily unable to communicate with your friends, try asking questions of the suspected cybercriminal who (in your opinion) has taken over your Instagram account.?Perhaps you could ask personal questions that refer to facts that are not in the public domain.?

    If your ?friend? doesn?t answer correctly or doesn?t answer all, it?s possible that the account in question was hacked. As soon as you can, notify your friend about the incident and help her contact Instagram to find the stolen account.


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