Embed Instagram Feed – 7 Benefits of Embedding It On The Website

    Instagram Feed

    Even if your business has a social media presence still doesn?t mean that customers might be familiarized with it. Make sure your customers are aware of your social presence on all the platforms. And ever since it?s release, Instagram has gained huge popularity with around 500 millions of loyal user base. All thanks to its exciting features like IGTV, Stories, Augmented Reality filters, and more. The presence of the potential audience, influencers, and brands altogether on Instagram makes it an ideal marketplace with abundant opportunities.

    To mark your territory online, you can embed Instagram feeds on your website with the help of any social media aggregator tool like ?Taggbox?. This way you can connect with your customers in a more personalized way.

    But have you ever wondered about the benefits of embedding Instagram feeds on your website? To address this, we have put a comprehensive guide explaining these benefits which result in the user experience seamless. 

    Perks Of Embedding Instagram Feed On Your Website

    1. Amplify User-Engagement and Interaction

    As Instagram feeds are user-generated content, it increases the interest of the users to stay for a longer time on your website. The audience engagement is highly dependent on the quality of content as well as on the #hashtags. The use of relevant hashtags of your brands makes it easier for the users to find you earlier as compared to your competitors. This may drive others to share your Instagram feeds further leading to an increase in audience engagement.

    2. Loop Between Social and Commerce

    How about creating a link between your social media handles and e-commerce websites? Yes, it is possible with the help of social media aggregators that allow you to embed Instagram feeds on your E-commerce websites which lead to demand in sales and eventually turning it into sales. A shoppable element can be added to your Instagram hashtag feed which can directly convert the source of inspiration into a source of sales. The advantage of Shoppable Instagram Feeds is that you can tag products in your Insta photos. Many brands constantly use this feature to increase their sales and if embedded on your website then it can increase the number of visitors.

    3. Develop Social Proof With UGC

    User-Generated Content is authentic, trustworthy, and reliable in its truest form. And if embedded as Instagram feeds on your website, UGC can be a great proof of your social presence. Instagram feeds mentioning a clothing brand is an ideal example of UGC and if it is embedded on a website then it boosts the authenticity of that content. 

    Social aggregator tools like Taggbox helps you in curating user-generated content in real-time and embedding it on your website. This platform enables users to accept your social presence without a second thought.

    4. Brand Reach and Awareness

    One of the unique things about embedding Instagram feeds on your website is that users don?t have to leave the website to visit the feeds. And if they like your Instagram feed then they might start following your Instagram handle too. The main purpose of increasing brand awareness and reach is been fulfilled here.

    5. Vibrant and Appealing Website

    Out of all the social media platforms, Instagram is the most vibrant one because of the variety of features it offers. When added to your boring website, Instagram feeds can turn it into a colorful and appealing one. With the help of social media aggregators, you can personalize this Instagram feeds into more creative feeds by applying beautiful themes, layouts, background, banner, and more to them. Also, you can moderate the feeds by filtering the vulgar comments and deciding which feeds to keep the public. Influence your visitors to stay on your website for a long time but to achieve this, you need to give it a vibrant touch via Instagram feeds.

    6. Amazing Consumer Experience

    Embedding Instagram feeds on your websites automatically improves the website?s interface 10 times. It only delivers an amazing consumer experience but also convinces them to spend some more time on your website. 

    7. Sales and Conversion Augmentation

    Instagram feeds make the consumers willing about your website and therefore they connect with your brand. As aforementioned, embedding Insta feeds on your website increases brand awareness and boost user engagement, so it automatically enhances the sales and conversion rates. But the feeds should not be irrelevant. 


    Now that you know about the benefits of embedding Instagram feeds on your website, it?s time to know how to do it and also find out powerful social media aggregator tools that work best for you. Remember if you are looking for an aggregator to discover, curate, and display valuable UGC on various social media platforms, then Taggbox is a one-stop destination for all your business needs.

    It?s a no brainer for those who have already embedded Instagram feeds on their websites, but if you are new to this then you need to include it in your social media marketing strategy. 

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