How to Maximize Instagram Profile Views?

instagram profile views

What is an Instagram profile?

An Instagram profile is all information about who you are and what you do / what field you are in. Even Instagram itself provides an understanding of what an Instagram profile is :

That is, this is where you can introduce yourself to Instagram users as a whole.

I emphasize that we will not optimize all aspects of this Instagram profile page … But we just need to maximize 4 main aspects, namely name & username, occupation/hobby, additional info, and CTA.

How to Maximize Instagram Profile Views?

Okay, let’s just get started …

Instagram Name and Username (Handle)

Honestly yes, this is the most sensitive issue. Most of the Instagram user account names that are still common are always amusing and fun.

Why? Because they don’t use their name

Are you like that too? Maybe they use the name of their idol artist/actor or public figure.

Indeed, if you type “Dani Pedrosa” on the search page, this account will also be filtered out …

The problem is that you want to increase your Instagram followers. That means you have to be yourself. People who stop by this account may immediately be disappointed …

Because the search results didn’t match his first expectation. And what’s worse, you won’t be able to add followers if this is how you do it.

So, how do you maximize your Instagram profile with your name and username? Easy! You have to write your full name…

That’s specifically for the name of Instagram. If you want to capture a wider range of users on Instagram, you can use the handle (username).

The trick is to give a combination of your name and focus area.


Important Tips!!

According to data obtained from aboutĀ tips for gaining followers, there are important tips that you can use for names and usernames …

For names, you should use more than 30 characters with the keywords you are targeting on Instagram.

For the username, try using the same username you use on other social media …

so, your followers on other social media will have no trouble finding you on Instagram.

Please try it …

Instagram Profile Photo

This is a serious problem that I find very often. I don’t know why, what is clear is that most ‘alay’ Instagram users don’t use their photos.

The same is the case with the Instagram username and name above. Maybe just to make it look handsome, cool, or pretty …

So the Instagram profile photo is not the photo itself. Unfortunately, what if the artist/celebrity/public figure used as a profile photo is already known to many people.

Instagram users who find the account must be very disappointed. Is that right?

Just to-the-point, there are 2 kinds of photos that you can use here, namely brand photos/logos or personal photos.

Yes, both depending on the goal, of course …

Profile Photo Instagram Logo (brand)

It’s clear that here you have a goal to set up and run a business … so you have to use the logo/business symbol. Don’t think it’s easy to make a logo huh …

You have to combine several aspects such as shape, color, to firmness so that it matches the character of your business.

So, so that your logo can symbolize and reflect who you are, make a pro logo. I have a few tips for you about this logo:

Shape: make sure the shape is simple and easy to remember. Logo designs that are too complex are not good because Instagram users are difficult to memorize.

Color: depending on who you are aiming for. If your audience is a teenager, use bright colors like yellow, bright blue, or orange. For an older person, use a dark, dark color like deep blue, dark brown, dark green, or black.

Assertiveness: always use a bold or bold logo if your character is firm. Use flexible and thin strokes if your target is teenagers and children.

For Instagram itself, you better make a design with a square size with a ratio of 1080 px: 1080 px.

And make sure the logo fits the portion, not too small or too big. One more thing, make sure the position of the logo is right in the middle …

Why? Instagram only provides a round format to display your Instagram profile photo, right …

So, with a square ratio and the right arrangement, be sure that your logo looks cool and solid on Instagram.

Instagram Profile Photo Telegram

I call it that because your goal is to be famous and popular on Instagram?

Here you don’t have to think about strange logos or symbols …

But, you just need to use a photo of yourself which also shows what your hobby is and what you do.

Just an example …

From Alex Strohl’s Instagram profile photo, you already know what profession the owner of this account is …… yep really.

He is a photographer because in the photo he is holding the camera and wants to take photos of objects underwater.

Explain ?

Instagram Profile Bio

What is an Instagram profile bio?

Your Instagram profile bio is a short description of who you are and what work/things are closest to you

so you can tell a little about who you are and what your job is here.

Wow but the problem is that Instagram only gives a limit of 150 characters to write this bio profile.

This means that you have to be clever at processing words so that Instagram users immediately understand and understand about you when they first see this bio profile.

Take a look at pro-Instagram accounts like the Instagram account of Chiara Ferragni, a fashion businesswoman.

Cool Tips!

In writing this profile bio, you can explain a little about:

Job and Status:  Boss, copywriter, content writer, digital marketer, online marketer, CEO, director, or the like and love the company you work for.

Hobby/skill: write about your most prominent and proven hobbies and skills. Example: photographer, writer, futsal player, etc.

Use a CTA (Call-to-Action)

Do you still remember the first module about the benefits of active Instagram followers?

One of the functions of active Instagram followers is to drive traffic to the website or other social media, right?

Now, this is the function of the CTA.

CTA is your goal for playing Instagram / where will your Instagram followers take you.

For example, like this Most of the Instagram users direct them to a website or blog, Bro, Sis …

Because with the landing page of the website or blog, they can immediately get results in the form of conversions or education.

If you still don’t have a website or blog, just throw it on other social media accounts from there, your account will be more popular and known by many networks/connections.


There are lots of aspects of Instagram that you must optimize as the first step to increasing followers on Instagram.

These aspects are as follows:

Instagram name & username

Instagram profile photo

Instagram bio profile

CTA on Instagram

Now if you have done this introduction well, I’m sure you will be able to quickly increase your Instagram followers …as long as you practice it right. Knowledge is useless if there is no practice or realization.

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