Best Task Management Software to Keep Your Team on Track

    Task management uses the life cycle of the task to manage a project. The procedure includes designing, testing, searching and recording. The best task management software helps individuals in completing their objectives.

    Types of Task management solutions

    Almost every task management method can be segregated into three certain types. They are:

    1. Electrical task management
    2. Online task management
    3. Manual task management

    Benefits of Using Task Management Software

    • The software offers solutions that help in streamlining the workflow processes.
    • It assists the groups in collaboration and data sharing of the joint tasks.
    • The best task management software also enables the control of tasks.
    • It supports assigning task procedures, tracking the tasks, and pushes towards positive growth.
    • The ultimate goal of the software is to finish the assignments and missions before the due date.
    • It onboards the entire team within a few minutes.

    Important Statistics related to task management

    The below statistics shows the importance of the best task management software.

    1. Employee Exhaustion

    • The survey by the blind source in 2020 shows that 12% rise in burn out rate is seen during the COVID-19 pandemic period.

    2. Budget

    • The corporations have been using the best task management software to protect 28 times extra capital. While compared to the businesses that don’t use task management software.
    • In every 1 billion dollars that is spent by the businesses in the United States of America, almost 122 million dollars are wasted because of insignificant task management and performance.

    3. Consuming stats

    4. Stats on Project failure

    • According to the 2017 PMI’s study, the following reasons are the major factors for project downfall for 37% of professionals. They are:
      • Absence of precise focus
      • Lack of clear management
      • Blurred goals and aims. 

    Components of Best Task Management Software

    To make it easy to choose among the task management software. Below are a few fundamental elements that every best task management software has. They are:

    • Task and project planning
    • Work and various other tracking tools
    • Task assignment
    • Quick edits and updates
    • Kanban boards
    • Work notifications 
    • Project prioritization

    Best Task Management Software

    There are many task management software in the present market. Some of the best task management software are mentioned below.

    1. PeppyBiz

    It is home to best task management software and automation tools. PeppyBiz is a single platform that gives dynamic solutions.

    More info: It executes almost every marketing strategy across many tracks under one sole area. This software makes the staff and consumers autonomous by giving great value-based knowledge awareness.

    Key features of PeppyBiz software:

    • It has multiple aspects such as list management, email marketing, sales, CRM,  and marketing hub.
    • Some of the functions are tasks with due date options, Kanban boards, files and document mergers.
    • Other functions are time-specific Gantt programs, calendar views, quick connections, and integrations.

    2. Basecamp

    It is suitable for small industries, freelancers, huge enterprises, bloggers, and startup institutions. Their software runs on many systems like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

    Basic features:

    • It has functions such as milestone reminders, customer portals, email templates, deadlines, and many more.
    • Their software gives a lot of tracking solutions.
    • Basecamp software is free for users only for a certain period.

    3. Flowlu

    Flowlu is a cloud-based software and has one of the best task management software solutions. Their software is suitable for small, regular, and big industries. Flowlu software performs on both Android and iOS platforms.

    Functions of Flowlu software:

    • Few features are sharing options, deadlines, Gantt projects, task management, tracking, and many more.
    • Other elements are custom templates, accounting, invoices, and quotes.
    • It has a free trial plan that allows two clients for building and sharing tasks. 

    4. Todoist

    Todoist is one of the best to-do list software on the entire planet. It came to the limelight in 2007 and has more than 25+ million consumers at present. Todoist task management software gives both a free trial along with a free app version.

    Key features of Todoist software:

    • This software permits the team to formulate recurring duties.
    • It also administers and manages the statuses of the tasks and projects.
    • Their software has various collaboration tools for both internal and third-party apps.

    5. Pipefy

    Pipefy task management software is cloud-based and web-based software. Their software is a no-code platform. It is suitable for firms that deal with human resources (HR), customer service, marketing, sales, and finance. 

    Main elements of Pipefy:

    • This software maintains a solid API and it also governs complex proposals.
    • Some of the features are Kanban boards, custom design templates, personalized cards, sprint opinions, and many more.
    • It includes various integration tools for interactions with third-party apps.

    6. Airtable

    This is a cloud-based and one of the best task management software. It has the best solutions for marketing businesses, designing outlets, small companies and startups. Air table software deploys on Android and iOS system platforms.

    Best elements:

    • It has features like colour coding, kanban boards, document sharing tools, project status tracking, and many more.
    • Task planning, campaign management, and calendar views are other characteristics.
    • It has a free plan that comes with 2GB storage capacity and revision history for 14 days. 

    7. Glip

    It is one of the satisfactory management software that has some decent functions. Their software is good for freelancers, bloggers, and remote departments. This software performs on iOS, Windows, web-based, Android, Mac, SaaS-based, and cloud-based networks.

    Major features of Glip software

    • Some of the features are task filters, reminders, meeting boards, chart views, sharing alternatives, and many more.
    • It also assists in providing steady and stable communication when dealing with programs and tasks.
    • Glip software offers both free trials and a free app version of its software.

    8. Project Manager

    Project Manager software is one of the best task management software. It organizes small, medium, and large tasks, no matter how many processes are needed. Their software displays the task records online and makes them available. It enables team partners to give updates on the tasks anytime or anywhere.

    Features of Project Manager software:

    • This software has deadlines, preference statuses, extensions, and portrayals.
    • It also has marking and tag options to add them to tasks.
    • Use their 30-day free trial plan and enjoy the benefits of the task management for your next assignment


    So why ruin your precious time on organizing sticky notes? Incorporate the best task management software to regulate almost everything. Such as creating tasks, managing due dates, prioritizing various projects, and many more. To enjoy various advantages of the task management software, give it a try.

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