6 Important Factors That Influence Your House Value

influence house value

Determining the value of something does not rely only on one factor. Specifically, when creating value for your home, you must consider it from various aspects. All of these influence and contribute to the worth of a house. It’s a delicate process where a homeowner has to understand everything to assess the value of a house. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to increase your property value or a potential buyer assessing the market, understanding these crucial factors is key to making informed decisions.

Location is always the first factor

Location is always the number one influencing factor as it significantly influences the value. In simple terms, it’s the neighbourhood that’s being judged, not just the property. If your house is in a nice neighbourhood, where everything is easily accessible, it will play a crucial role. Proximity to amenities, schools, especially to those with high reputation, parks, transportation and the neighbourhood in general contribute to the overall appeal of your property.

Current property condition

The second factor that directly impacts property value is the property’s condition. Any prospect will take into account the amount needed for renovation. Thus, they will evaluate the price vigorously. Not only that but also the amount of ongoing and needed maintenance also goes into the price.

If the property is in good condition and requires little to no ongoing maintenance, the price will be attractive to potential buyers.

Potential buyers will try to reduce the price if a lot of investment and continuous maintenance is needed. It is wise to consider renovation projects that will increase its value and attract potential buyers.

The size and layout

The size of the property, layout, and square footage are the next factors. Size matters a lot, as buyers always have something in mind. Also, how efficiently the space can be utilised will increase the house’s appeal as people can easily visualise how they can design the interior. Both the exterior, the so-called curb appeal, and the well-designed interior contribute to a property’s overall value. Don’t forget to mow the lawn and invest a bit in the exterior, before you even consider listing your home for sale. Don’t neglect the power of a great first impression, even in the real estate market.

The asking price

The asking price must be realistic and appealing to both the seller and the buyer. Something that can make this decision easier is comparable sales. This is where the expertise of a real estate agency, like those who specialise in St Leonards real estate, will come in handy. They know how to help you set up a competitive and realistic asking price for your property.

Also, remember that recent sales in your area can play a crucial role. This is the best way to observe and learn about the current market value and help you understand what buyers are willing to pay.

Market trends and values

The only way to get to know the market’s current and future trends is to research. The real estate agent can be of great help as well. They need to know all trends as real estate values are inherently tied to them. Understanding the current market conditions and future predictions can help you make informed decisions regarding your property. Other factors that should be considered are interest rates and employment rates. Basically, broader economic factors influence market trends; thus, pay attention to it all.

Smart features

Now that we’ve discussed factors to consider when determining the price, it’s time to focus on one that can boost your property’s value. Smart features are seen as smart investments, so if your property is energy efficient, equipped with smart home technology, and has a list of modern amenities, its value will increase.

Modern features are more and more attractive to potential buyers as it means that they don’t have to invest additional money to procure them. Make sure these smart features work for you first, to ensure other people will find them attractive and use them well.


We’ve covered the six most important factors that influence house value. It all starts with getting enough data and information so that you can make an informed decision and ask for the right price. There will always be other factors that also affect the value, like the quality of school districts and educational institutions. However, this one won’t be very important to everyone, only those looking for a place to raise their kids.

Lastly, further development of the area can be both attractive and repelling, depending on your target audience. Some people are tired of the hustle and bustle of a modern city, so if your home is located in the development area, it might discourage some from buying. However, that doesn’t mean everyone falls into this group. There will be buyers interested in the infrastructure project and the developmental potential of an area.

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