Properties in Sharjah vs Dubai for Expats

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The United Arab Emirates now occupies one of the first places in the world in terms of the concentration of the foreign population. About this place for those who decide to move here, the United Arab Emirates presents a solution containing elements of world architecture, multiculturalism, and business development. Moreover, due to its geographical location, the UAE is one of the most active and important business centers for trading and tourism activities.

Some of the favorable policies that attract people from all over the world are the policies on expatriates in this country. Selecting your new home in the UAE has to be made carefully. For instance, there are deviations in the general expenses of living between the two cities of Sharjah and Dubai. The drive and reach would also differ as would the services and lifestyle.

Today, we will look at the options that are most popular among renters, and these are American foreigners who are planning to rent studios in Dubai or Sharjah. Decision at Ohio We will also compare the cost of living and other benefits or losses of turning these places into homes.

Renting in Sharjah vs. Dubai: A Comprehensive Comparison

The principal objective of this article is to describe comprehensively all the rental options that Americans who decide to move to Dubai or Sharjah may choose. Both of these fields are particularly recognized in the UAE. These cities also have benefits and costs or vice versa.

Properties for Rent in Sharjah

The third largest city in the United Arab Emirates is Sharjah. Even though for quite some time Dubai became the center of attraction, Sharjah has remained unique and different from its neighbors. The below standard of living and relatively low cost of houses for rent are the two major factors that compel foreigners to choose Sharjah instead of Dubai. Besides, the transport cost, cost of acquiring food, and eating out expenses are cheaper compared to Dubai expenses.

The accommodation option in Sharjah consists of a great number of rental houses. For instance, if you want to move and your family, you can look for villas. You can also find flats of all sizes that are of different types in busy neighborhoods.

Here are some of the popular areas in Sharjah.

  • Al Nahda
  • Al Majaz
  • Al Taawun
  • Al Khan
  • Muwaileh

All these lodging options are affordable and at the same time, they include all the conveniences. However, it should also be noted that the atmosphere in this city is not as intensive as in Dubai and there is a possibility to have quiet family time even with children.

Properties for Rent in Dubai

This place has become among the most stunning and significant cities in the world. This is because, in Dubai, the aspects of modernity and innovations are well fused. Due to this, expatriates look forward to working in Dubai because of the prospect of speedy economic development in combination with acceptable living conditions.

The living quality or living conditions in Dubai are very high. It has the best framework, a fantastic health cover, and a splendid means of transportation for its people. Because of all these reasons, the cost of living in Dubai is relatively very high. It is worth stating that it will cost you a pretty penny no matter whether you dream of purchasing an apartment in Dubai or you are looking for a property for rent.

Specifically, the living costs are indeed higher in Dubai than in Sharjah. This is especially so if you are planning to let out some of the luxurious villas within Dubai. The rental prices hinge on such factors as location and value of the property.

For instance, if renting in Dubai Marina and looking for a one-bedroom apartment it will go for almost $30000 per annum. I should also add that purchasing some villas situated in the suburbs is also a good option as well. For instance, for villas in Mudon, one will be paying roughly four thousand four hundred and ninety US dollars for a 3-bedroom villa monthly and about forty-four thousand three hundred US dollars yearly.


Finally, it can be concluded that everything largely depends on personal preferences and concerns. As an American traveling to other nations, Sharjah would be your best bet if you want that relaxed atmosphere and affordable housing. Therefore, if one wants to develop friendly relations and on top of that look for financial development, renting in Dubai would be the best move to undertake.


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