Indian Pharma Industry Trends in 2024

Pharma Industry

India’s pharmaceutical sector is a dynamic and evolving industry that has undergone significant changes in recent years. The various trends affecting the pharmaceutical industry, market dynamics and the role of pharmaceutical database service providers will be covered in this blog post.

Indian Pharma Industry Trends

A number of changes have taken place in India’s pharmaceutical industry. Increasing globalization and rural markets are being given attention, with a shift from the term “Make in India” to “Develop in India.” The focus is on value addition rather than price, with the merging of sectors such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals and disposables changing from a competitive mindset to a cooperative one.

The Indian pharmaceutical industry recorded a compound annual growth rate of 6-8 % between FY18 and FY23 mainly driven by an 8 % increase in exports, while the domestic market has increased by 6 %. 

Pharmaceutical Trends

Rapid integration of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), additive manufacturing, and blockchain are leading to a significant change in the pharmaceutical industry. Significant investment, the development of industry technology and the expiry of major patents are catalyzed by these important developments in the pharmaceuticals sector.

From 11 to 21 % of the drug development pipeline there has been an increase in novel methods, e.g. cell and gene therapy as well as mRNA vaccine technologies. This change is likely to lead to more fragmentation of technologies, new supply chains and unique product life cycle.

Pharma Market Trends 

External forces and internal dynamics are shaping the pharmaceutical market trends in a profound way. These pharma industry trends include downward price pressure on pharma patent values from the Inflation Reduction Act, declining M&A deal values, and rising life sciences salaries.

Current Trends in Pharmaceutical Industry

There are many challenging trends facing the pharmaceutical industry. The worldwide demand is growing fast, and the industry has been under increased pressure as a result of an extraordinary need for COV-19 vaccines and therapies. It is a great achievement that the industry has been able to identify innovative solutions for delivering COVID-19 vaccines, even though it still meets total demand.

Latest Trends in Pharmaceutical Industry

Rapid integration of technologies such as artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing and blockchain is an emerging trend in the pharmaceutical sector. Significant investment, the development of industrial technology and the expiry of key patents are catalyzed by these trends.

Some key updates: (Courtesy: Economic Times)

  • Industry Growth: In the next ten years, driven by innovation, the Indian pharmaceutical industry, currently valued at USD 50 billion, could grow to USD 120-130 billion. In 2024, the industry is expected to reach USD 65 billion.
  • Regulatory Support: A number of initiatives have been launched in 2023, including the PLNI2 scheme for production linked incentives, MedTech Policy and a proposed national pharmaceutical policy.
  • Innovation: Biologics and preventive medicines are increasingly being accepted, as a result of changes in treatment preferences. NexCAR19 from Immuno ACT received the approval of India’s first chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy, for the treatment of r/r B-cell lymphomas and leukemia.

Pharma Database Service Provider Company

In the pharmaceutical sector, Pharma Database Services Providers play an essential role. They contain data on the development of medicinal products, trials, drug safety, sales, marketing and patient outcomes that are essential to the pharmaceutical industry. 

In the Indian pharmaceutical industry, the Chemxpert database is a vital tool. This report includes detailed information on the life sciences sector, including compliance with regulatory guidelines, global market data and timely updates. The database provides valuable information to suppliers and buyers on various aspects of technology commercial and regulatory aspects. 


Indian pharma sector is a constantly evolving field. There are both challenges and some opportunities in the diversity of trends that characterize this sector. It is exciting to see how this sector will develop in the years ahead, and what remarkable growth it could bring.