Elevating Home Value: Backyard Enhancements Worth Investing In

backyard enhancements

When we think about ways to add value to our homes, we usually only think about the interior. But did you know that improving your backyard can also boost the value of your home?

That’s right, certain backyard improvements can instantly add value to your property. However, before throwing money into your backyard renovation, you should know which enhancements are worth investing in.

To help you out we compiled a list of backyard improvements that will instantly add value to any house. Let’s check them out.

How much value can backyard improvements add to your house?

Before any renovation, check to see how much value a certain improvement can add to your home. Keep in mind that this will be a tricky process because it depends on many factors. Project type and material costs are some of the biggest factors that you have to include. 

When making improvements, try to keep away from highly personalized projects. This is because your tastes may not match other people’s tastes. So these sorts of projects can only be valuable to you but they won’t be valuable to potential buyers.

Instead, when making improvements, try to stick to simple, timeless projects that would appeal to a wider pool of people. 

When it comes to backyards, the best way to add value is by small upgrades. If you decide to do a major upgrade, no one guarantees that you’ll recoup the costs once you sell the house. So, instead of doing expensive, lavish upgrades, do something simple and low-maintenance.

  1. Add a patio space

Adding a patio space in your backyard isn’t a huge upgrade but it can add value to your property. Regardless of how big or small your backyard is, adding a patio space will create room for outdoor living. 

Outdoor living spaces are ideal for entertaining guests and that’s something that will attract potential buyers. That’s why a patio space in your backyard can elevate the value of your home.

  1. Extended roof or pergola

It can be a bit difficult to enjoy the outdoor space in the summer if there is no shade. That’s one of the reasons your backyard can benefit from an extended roof, a pergola, or some sort of shade structure.

Not only will this upgrade raise the value of your home, but it will also make spending time outdoors more enjoyable. 

When it comes to your options, you have many. You have the option to extend your roof and create a shaded space right next to your house. The other options include free-standing shade structures that don’t have to be near the house. Pergolas are the most affordable solution. 

Consult with experts in free-standing pergolas from Sydney and they will help you design a perfect pergola for your backyard.

  1. Privacy fence

When trying to think about backyard improvements that can add value to your home, a privacy fence comes to mind. Most people want to enjoy their backyard without neighbors getting a front-row view. So, investing in a privacy fence seems like a logical solution.

A privacy fence doesn’t have to take away from the beauty of your backyard if done right. You can completely hide the fence with climbing plants or hedges.

In addition to privacy, a fence will also add a layer of security. With it in place, you won’t have to worry about unwanted guests. All in all, investing in a privacy fence can be a great way to elevate the value of your home.

  1. Landscaping

Sometimes, all your backyard needs is a bit of landscaping. And, believe it or not, landscaping can be one of the most valuable backyard upgrades.

If you’re struggling to come up with a landscaping design for your backyard, you can hire designers who have great landscaping software and will create several designs for your backyard. These designs can range from pretty affordable ones to expensive ones.

Ultimately, the design you go for will depend on your budget. When choosing a design, always go for the one that has plants and flowers that thrive well in your climate and that are easy to maintain.

  1. Swimming pool 

Installing a swimming pool can be a pretty expensive project and the added value can vary. Having a pool comes with maintenance and upkeep, and not all buyers want to commit to something like that. If a pool is an absolute must for you, try some temporary or semi-permanent solutions such as vinyl-lined or inflatable pools.

Permanent pools are expensive investments and no one can guarantee that you will recoup the costs.  

  1. Fire pit

Unlike swimming pools, fire pits are easy to install and won’t break your bank. They will add fun and interest to your backyard without overpowering the space. You don’t need a huge backyard to install the fire pit.

Fire pits come in different sizes and types, so you can choose whatever fits your vibe. You can have fire pits that use natural wood or propane. But generally, propane fire pits are cleaner and easier to manage.

  1. Outdoor Kitchen

Yet another backyard project that can add quite a bit of value is an outdoor kitchen. A backyard kitchen is something not many homes have. That’s why having an outdoor kitchen can help you stand out from the competition. 

For optimal return on investment, it’s essential to ensure that the outdoor kitchen space is genuinely functional and usable for at least three out of four seasons.

Bottom Line

And there you have it, all the ways that you can elevate the value of your home by improving your backyard. Before you start any backyard project consider whether or not it will add value to your property.