Why HUID Hallmarking Registration Matters for Jewelry Brands

HUID hallmarking registration

HUID(Hallmark Unique Identification) shows the mark of quality and purity for jewelry brands.  HUID Hallmark builds the trust in mind of the consumer for gold and silver jewelry. HUID Hallmarking was introduced in India in 2021 by the Government of India. Hallmark Unique Identification has a six-digit alphanumeric code that is stamped jewelry. As per the Department of Consumer Affairs website, this hallmark has three parts.

One is the BIS logo, the second sign is the purity of jewelry, and the third sign shows the Hallmark Unique Identification (HUID) number. It is a way for jewelry brands to show themselves as different from their competitors. Through this mark, consumers also get protection from fraud. This mark gives benefits in many ways whether it is consumers or jewelry brand owners. Through the HUID mark, consumers can be confident that they are paying the right amount for the purity of that jewelry.

What are the benefits of the HUID Hallmark?

There are many advantages that consumers and jewelry brands get from HUID Hallmark. For consumers, the HUID Hallmark signifies the purity and quality of the jewelry. This wins the trust of consumers for that particular jewelry. HUID hallmarking decreases fraud related to jewelry as well as the production and selling of fake jewelry.

This mark gives the right to consumers that if they are not satisfied with HUID hallmarked jewelry, they can easily return it and ask for a refund. Whereas the HUID hallmark helps to protect jewelry brands from being the victims of fraud, it also improves brand reputation and brands can reach new markets and attract customers. Not only this, HUID hallmarking can help jewelry brands track their products by supply chain and ensure that they are sourced from ethical suppliers.

What is the process of HUID Hallmarking Registration?

Through this process, jewelry brands in India can register their jewelry with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). By registering they get a unique HUID number for each piece of jewelry. The HUID number is then marked on the jewelry to indicate that it has been verified and certified by the BIS. This mark signifies that jewelry consists of purity and ensures quality too.

The process of HUID Hallmarking Registration begins when jewelry brand owners obtain a BIS license. Once the owner has obtained a BIS license, they can submit their jewelry to a BIS-recognized authority and hallmarking centre for verification and assessment. If the jewelry meets the set of purity standards, the BIS-recognized authority and hallmarking center will provide the HUID number for the jewelry and consumers can use the HUID number to verify the purity and quality of their jewelry on the BIS website.

It is important that jewelry brand owners have this information for getting HUID Hallmarking Registration such as type of jewelry, purity of the jewelry, manufacturer of the jewelry, weight, and size of the jewelry. Once the BIS has approved the registration, the jewelry brand owner will receive a certification of this registration.

A BIS Certification Consultant in India helps with the BIS certification procedure in a proper way. These consultants can provide a variety of services such as Preparing your application for BIS certification and helping with documentation, support, and guidance during the BIS certification procedure.

Why is HUID Hallmarking Registration considered valuable?

It builds trust for the jewelry brand among the customers. So, eventually, it also increases the sales of that jewelry brand. This ensures that all gold and silver jewelry sold in India is of the highest quality and protects the customers and manufacturers from fraud related to jewelry. Hallmarked jewelry is guaranteed to be pure and fulfil sets of quality standards.

It is essential that jewelry brand owners must complete the HUID hallmarking registration so that they can get every benefit from it.

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