What Features Should You Look for in an HR Software?

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    Having an HR software in your business has a lot of benefits. Unlike traditional methods where HR managers used to store data on multiple systems and used multiple spreadsheets to manage all the data, HR solutions allow a business to eliminate repetitive manual tasks and possible human errors.

    But just getting an HR software won’t solve all your issues. You will need to look for essential features that will streamline most of your business’s vital processes. Here is the list of features that should look for in an HR software:

    Mobile Access

    Having an HR software that’s accessible using a computer isn’t enough to streamline the whole process. If the software also can be accessed using a mobile, your employees will be more productive, even when they are mobile.

    It should offer users all the functions available through a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet at any time from any location. Your employees can easily make requests using the application, and managers will have the ability to approve the same without any issues.


    Managing employee performance is hard if you don’t have the right data accessible to you at all times. With HR software, you should be able to manage individual employee performance much better. Businesses can also conduct a timely feedback system that will help improve employee engagement, as well.

    Managers and employees will be able to review their performance, and they can focus on areas where they see a decline in performance. Generating employee performance reports is effortless using HR software, which allows an organization to improve overall business performance.


    Organizing employee details related to payroll can get hard with traditional methods. Most of the time, businesses used to store data in multiple systems or physical documents, which increased the chances of data loss. Additionally, calculating payroll for each employee is a tiring process when executed manually and might lead to lots of errors.

    With HR software, businesses can automate the whole process, eliminating the chances of human errors. The overall process becomes much easier since payroll and attendance management can be intergraded. Once done, the payroll management system will automatically calculate every employee’s pay based on the number of hours they worked. Apart from that, the software also allows you to store related documents such as payslips in a single location, which is easily accessible from anywhere.

    Attendance management

    Attendance management is one of the essential features that every HR software should contain. It allows businesses to track and manage employee attendance without the need to manage multiple documents.

    Managing attendance data is much easier with HR software since it is stored in a centralized location. Customizing leave policies is much easier using the Attendance management feature.

    Self-service portal

    With HR software, employees have the ability to manage their own data. They will be able to manage and update personal information using the software without repeatedly going to the HR managers with doubts and issues. With the self-service feature, employees can apply for leaves easily and manage their attendance from mobile devices as well.

    Onboarding management

    With traditional methods, the onboarding process wasn’t as smooth and took around thirty to forty days to complete.? With modern HR solutions, familiarizing new hires with the company becomes much easier. Managers can streamline the whole process, from offering the position to an employee to the day they start working in the company.

    Onboarding management features help managers with important aspects of the process, such as informing employees about company policies, explaining their role in the company, training new employees, offer an overview of business culture, and help new employees socialize with other employees.


    Human resources is a vital process in any organization. If the burden of managing repetitive tasks can be eliminated with HR solutions, the human resource department can focus on building better strategies to allow your business to achieve goals.

    Not all HR software are the same; its important to determine whether you are getting the right features with the one you are investing in. Ask the vendors if they will offer such features that will help you effectively manage your business processes.


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