7 Tips for Submitting an Impressive Marketing Research Report

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If you explore online, you will find that many students search for marketing research report writing tips. But, if you observe closely, you will only find that only certain aspects have been discussed. It generally involves the marketing strategies that you need to highlight, the factors that you need to study, or the format of the paper. But here, you will get a detailed insight.

Choose an Interesting Topic

First, you have to select an impressive topic in order to grab the attention of the professors. Have you heard of a marketing-related case that you might use as a starting point for your paper? Have you read something outside of your basic course that could help you make a good impression on your professor?It is worth noting that you should be passionate about the topic.

Once you get hold of an idea, try narrowing it down. For instance, ?Adidas? Marketing Strategy? is vague and too broad. On the other hand, ?Adidas: Open-Source Innovations and Collaborations? is focused. If you are unable to find the topics, scour through official company sites or databases like Euromonitor International or Business Source Complete.

Some marketing topics that you can consider are:

  • Three-Step Approach to Account-based Marketing Success
  • Client Reactions to Unethical Retailer Behavior
  • Factors Affecting Positive and Negative Word-of-Mouth Advertising in the Caf? Industry;
  • 4 Steps to Ensure that the Content Strategy is Heading in the Right Direction.

These are some of the topics that will spark the interest of the readers.

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Conduct Extensive Research

The majority of marketing assignments, including study reports, deal with complex scenarios and case studies. To better assess them, you must first conduct market research. And it must be carried out in an orderly fashion.

Market Survey

Gather related statistical and unquantifiable data from a test group of consumers in a market survey (surveys, polls, etc.). These people may be chosen at random or according to a set of rules.

Analysis of various factors

Situational analysis entails examining the current state of the business in question, including its state, what challenges it faces, what causes them.You will have to conduct SWOT, PESTLE, Porter?s Five Forces analysis in order to understand the various factors. These include political, social, technological, economic, and various other aspects.

Marketing Strategy

Propose an appropriate approach based on the four Ps based on your results (Product, Price, Promotion, and Place).

Documents, statistical evidence, experiment results, and so on are examples of primary sources that deal specifically with their subjects.Secondary sources are used to supplement primary sources by researching, citing, and analyzing them.You can gather data from primary or secondary sources. For secondary sources, you can refer to websites, blog posts, Google Scholar, and much more.

Come up with a Debatable Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a summary of your research paper’s key argument written in one or two sentences. Beginner writers sometimes make the error of conflating it with the subject or research issue. However, there is a huge difference between the research question and the thesis statement:

  • The research question is what your paper seeks to discuss and answer, e.g., ?To what extent does brand awareness affect consumer loyalty??;
  • The topic narrowly delineates the field of research, e.g., ?Brand awareness?;
  • The thesis statement is your response to that question, for example, “Brand recognition is critical in shaping consumer loyalty.”

You should make the thesis statement debatable so that the professors would be intrigued. It’s best to put it in the first or second paragraph, right after you’ve piqued the reader’s interest with the first few sentences.And it is your duty to support your thesis statement throughout the body of the paper. If you are unable to write it, seek the help of the essay writers.

Create an Effective Template

Before you put pen to paper, you have to think about theformat of the research report.Essentially, you have to incorporate an introduction, literature review, methods, results, discussion, and conclusion.In the literature review, you have to provide a summary of main themes, ideas, and/or developments from key literature.

In the methods, you have to provide details about procedures and methods, data collection methods, data analysis methods, participants, etc. In the results section, you have to present the results objectively, without discussion. And in the discussion section, you have to evaluate the results, and comment on the significant findings.

While you create the template, you have to think about the multiple angles you wish to cover, the subheadings, and much more. It is imperative that you highlight the main points in bullet points and distribute the word count.

Focus on the Writing Style

The tone of the paper would be formal. Since, this is not a literature paper, you won?t need to include flashy words or complex sentences. You should discuss the marketing issues or the factors pointwise and be precise. When you use marketing jargon, you should explain the terms for the benefit of the readers.

When writing about marketing, it’s common to explain circumstances where people make poor decisions that resulted in significant losses. Treat the individuals and businesses that created them equally. Irrespective of the reason, they thought a strategy was appropriate in their case, considering the knowledge they had at the time and the lack of hindsight.

A marketing document should be completely factual, with the use of the first person limited to personal experiences. To avoid being accused of subjectivity, make descriptions of your work, interviews, data analysis sound impersonal. And try to avoid passive voice unless it is essential. Passive voices make your writing cumbersome, hard to comprehend, and prone to grammatical errors.

Cite the Sources Properly

Both MLA and APA types are used in marketing documents, but APA is more popular. This isn’t to say that you can use anything you want; your professor will make the final decision, so make sure to ask them about it.  The referencing style plays a big role in the formatting of the paper apart from the referencing aspect.

As far as citation is concerned, you have to provide references in the text as well as in the reference list. Whenever you make a statement in the marketing research report, you would have to validate the statements. And this is where the citation is required. But, if you wish to learn more about the citation styles and how you can cite various traditional and non-traditional sources, you should visit the official sites.

Proofread the Paper?

Once you are done writing the paper, you have to proofread it. There are a number of strategies that can help you revise effectively, but the most useful is probably making a checklist to go over when you get to this stage. Ask yourself the following questions when you reread your paper:

  • Do all of the structure’s elements carry out their intended functions?
  • Is there a logical link between the various parts of the paper?
  • Is each paragraph limited to a single point?
  • Is there something you forgot to mention in your conclusion?
  • To make your paper more empirical, do you use overly complicated words?
  • Would you understand what you’re trying to say the first time you read the paper if you were someone else?

Remove any extraneous terms. The general rule is that if you can grasp the argument (sentence, group of sentences, paragraph) without using mellifluous words, it should be omitted.

There should be no grammatical, sentence construction, factual, or punctuation error. And it is your duty to verify the facts that you have stated in the paper with authentic sources. Last but not least, you should check the paper for plagiarism using robust software like Turnitin, Copyscape, or Grammarly.

If you abide by the tips shared above, you will definitely be able to present an impressive paper. But, if you need research paper or essay help, it is wise if you avail the service of professional experts. They will help you out in securing exemplary grades.

Author Bio:Clara Smith a marketing expert and a former professor at a reputed university in the USA. She offers freelance services at times. At present, clara is associated with Allessaywriter.com as the managing head.

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