How to Write Your First Blog Post in 2021

    write first blog post

    Do you ever think about writing any blogs? If you are reading this context, that means you are already making your mind about writing the blog. You just need a proper path to channelize your motivation towards its goal.

    First Blog Post is always tough and decisive to make a move. But if you follow some simple strategies, then this challenging path can be on the smoother side. Whenever you want to write anything, you face lots of questions. Those are jumbled up in your brain, and at last, you could not find out the proper answers for it.

    The few questions that will arise in your mind are

    • What will be the benefit will be getting after starting the blog post?
    • Will this blog post help me to overcome the problem causing the poor search engine optimizations?
    • The most important question is how I write a blog post?
    • Do people enjoy reading my posts?

    These questions are always in your mind while you are planning to start any blog writings. 

    Few Steps to Post Your First Blog 

    The First Blog Post is always challenging, but hence you understand the cause of your blogging writings? The whole process becomes smoother. 

    Here are some of the tips which will help you to start writing any blog.

    1.      Pick an Interesting Topic

    The purpose of any blog writing can be different for each blogger. The topic finding is always playing a very crucial role in writing any blogs. The exciting topics of the writer always make a better impact on the readers. The exciting topics of the blogger and the informative attitude of the bloggers can attract many viewers. 

    If you are a first writer, then first ask yourselves about some questions, for instance, 

    • What is the goal of writing blogs?
    • What type of information do you want to share with your viewers?
    • The most important question is what type of actions are you expecting from your viewers?

    These are the vital questions you should know the answers to before you start writing any blogs. These questions solutions will help you to find the topic of your choice. 

    2.      Write an Attractive Introduction

    The introductions mean the recognition of the writer. The writer needs to attract the readers within the first few sentences. If you can write a catchy introduction, you can almost attract all viewers with simple, attractive sentences.

     But if you do not have any experience in writing any formal introductions. Then the online Site123 Review can help you to understand the proper introductions, which can attract the viewer?s attention. After picking up any engaging introductions, you can add the purpose of writing the blogs.

    3.      Find the Targeted Audiences

    When you search to find the topics, that time, you can find the audience?s motive and the likeness. The interested audiences are not very tough to find; for instance, if you are writing any sports-related blog, then the sports enthusiasts will be your first viewers and regular followers. 

    But keeping the interest level high among the viewers is a tricky part of the writing after finding the targeted audiences. Almost every day, you have to think about any updated sports news. 

    4.      Creating the Blog Domain

    The blog domain creations, you can divide into two parts: CMS creation and Blog registration.

    CMS creation the content management system. CMS platforms will help you to manage a domain and help you to find the domain and subdomains from where you created a website. Whenever you are starting to write a blog, one social media account is compulsory. 

    You can follow the following steps also for creating the blog domain.

    • Sign in to Google domains account.
    • Select the name of your blog domain.
    • Open the Menu options in the settings bar.
    • Click on the website option.
    • Then select the Build website option from the website menu list.
    • Click the blog continue option.
    • Start the blogger page.
    • To finish the operation, follow the Blogger website and build a blogger page.

    These were the very simple steps when you started to build up the Blog Domains.

    Blog registration is one type of service which you can take from any web hosting companies like 

    • Go daddy,
    • Dream Host
    • Bluehost etc.

    These web hosting companies will take full responsibility for building up your domain to register. If you are interested in opening any proper blogging. Then these web hosting services are the best options for you to take.

    5.      Choose the Themes of Your blogs.

    You are choosing the themes. The themes should be going smoothly with your blogging topics. Suppose you are writing a blog about forests and wild animals. Then you have to choose any themes which are based on forest and animal and green environments.

    The blog themes customization can categorize into two parts. One is about the page subject; another one consists of Logo.

    • About the page consists of the blogger?s recognitions and the subject descriptions of the page.
    • On the logo page, you can add your business name and the brand name.  


    When you are ready after finishing these tasks, you will already know many pieces of information about the first blog post. For instance, your blogging post becomes more fluent and smoother. For the first time, blog writers have always maintained the word limit for their primary level publishing articles. 

    If you are new, then you can view the top 10 women entrepreneurs in India for reference blog writing samples. You can visit the blogs of each entrepreneur who are maintaining their blog in a very professional way. You will get a good idea about professional blog maintenance and the beginner?s blog posting methods.  

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