3 Fast Indian Dishes You Can Make Gourmet

    Indian Dishes

    There are numerous Indian tastier dishes in town. However, this article discusses the three first Indian dishes you can make gourmet. Let?s get started!

    Malai chicken curry (Murgh Malaiwala)

    The Malai chicken is also known as Murgh Malaiwala. This is said to be the most delicious Indian dish and also the easiest to prepare. It has a rich composition of cream and a well-balanced taste of spices and dry fruits. But how is this recommendable meal prepared? Continue reading more in this article.


    The chopped pieces of chicken are cooked in milk and cream. Also, they are spiced mildly with garam masala powder, saffron, ginger garlic, cardamom powder, green chilies? and lemon juice. The succulent chicken absorbs the spices to create an enticing Indian dish that can never be resisted when it is made.

    Note that there is one critical stage in the preparation that makes the chicken testier; this is the process of marinating the chicken with curd. Besides, ensure that the chicken soaks all the masalas. What can this delicious meal be accompanied by? Cooking the Malai chicken with the gravy brings out a new gamut of flavors. This sounds quite incredible!


    Murgh Malaiwala generates a more delicious taste when served with Indian bread or rice. This is the simplest Indian delicacy you can prepare that also generates almost a similar taste with pav bhaji.

    Mutton fry

    This is another booming testier Indian dish that has a significant number of lovers. This Indian dish is perfect satiate for your taste buds. Mutton fry is considered an authentic Indian dish that generates an enticing flavor when served with Jeera rice, Pulau, and Biryani. The preparation of mutton fry gives you total control of the final taste produced by the dish.

    Let?s get to the big question! How is this enticing Indian dish prepared?


    Note that hygiene is the first aspect you should consider during the preparation of any food. Start by washing the pieces of mutton thoroughly under running water. To enhance the taste of the dish, soak chilies for a few minutes and then add turmeric powder and salt to the washed pieces of mutton.

    Let’s get to the next interesting step! Add garlic ginger paste and chopped onions to a non-stick pan. Fry the mutton on a simmer for a few minutes until it turns golden brown. Add tomatoes to the mixture and continue frying. Add the chill-cumin paste in the mutton and mix well, you can also finalize by adding lime juice as well as dried mango powder.

    The mutton appears enticing, but it?s time to add vinegar and give it ten minutes to cook. Summarize the cooking by garnishing it with chopped coriander leaves.


    This dish now contains a heavy taste, remember it is sweeter when served hot with either Naan, Roti or Rice.

    Methi paneer

    Have you ever tasted this incredible dish? This article uncovers all the detailed information about this remarkable Indian delicacy. Methi paneer is also called paneer Methi Malai or Methi Malai paneer. This is a creamy cottage cheese gravy that is prepared with fenugreek leaves, cream, and milk.


    This dish is served with naan, garlic, and roti; also, the dish can be served with rice during lunch or breakfast. The dish is flexible to be changed from one form to another such as adding green peas and the delicacy changes to Methi Malai Matar paneer.

    This creamy recipe is mostly considered as a phenomenal side dish for a significant number of Indians. How is the recipe prepared? Methi paneer is prepared with fresh harvested Methi leaves; it can also be prepared by using frozen Methi leaves. The delicacy can be prepared within the shortest time possible and get a chance to enjoy a great meal.


    Are you looking for the best Indian dishes that you can make gourmet? This article equips you with the modes of preparing three major Indian delicacies. 

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