Get the Look: How to Wear CVD Diamonds on a Budget

CVD diamonds are commonly called cultured, created, or synthetic diamonds. Although it may seem like these diamond alternatives are the same thing as lab-grown or laboratory-created diamonds, this isn?t the case at all. In fact, you can tell the difference between CVD diamonds and lab grown diamonds based on physical appearance alone.

Step 1 – Set Your Budget

When you set your budget, make sure that it is one that you can realistically stick with. With an affordable CVD Diamonds or loose diamond, there are some sacrifices that you might have to make in terms of how large it will be and how fancy it will look. To figure out what your budget should be, think about two things: First, how much money do you have saved up for a ring and then factor in any other wedding expenses that might be associated with purchasing an CVD diamonds (e.g., dresses). Second, think about whether or not you?re willing to take out a loan from family members or friends in order to finance your purchase if necessary. And remember – once you buy a CVD diamonds from Blue Nile there’s no need for insurance!

Step 2 – Pick The Stone

There are many options available when it comes to choosing a diamond, from cut and clarity all the way down to shape and size. But as you?re shopping for jewelry, it?s always best to stick with one basic rule: bigger is better. A diamond should never be smaller than 2/3 of your CVD diamonds size and should always be at least half your finger size in diameter (if you want something under 1/4 of your finger size, consider colored stones or moissanite). When shopping for CVD diamonds online, look at average prices for similar-sized stones Lab diamonds companies.

Step 3 – Pick The Ring

If you?re purchasing your diamond in person, be sure to let them know what shape of CVD diamonds you?re interested in. Though round diamonds are by far most popular, there are many other shapes that can complement your personal style. Princess-cut diamonds have square corners and work well for square rings, for example. If you don?t have your heart set on any particular shape, let your jeweler help guide you based off of both your personality and aesthetic preferences as well as budget considerations. It?s also important to mention that even if your chosen cut is trendy now, it may not be ten years from now.

Step 4 – Consult An Expert

A great way to get a second opinion is to get in touch with one of our valued retailer partners. Whether you?re looking for gorgeous lab grown diamonds USA or gemstones, getting in touch with an expert can be invaluable when it comes time to wear your new purchase. Why not go for lab-grown over mined? You?ll have more options and most of all, create less damage by purchasing from us. You can find retailers near you by using our website!

Step 5 – Decide Whether you want Engraving

Next we?ll need to decide whether you want engraving. If so, choose Yes and enter your text into our engraving form. If not, leave it blank and move onto step 6. Choose Your Ring Size: Now you can choose your ring size (selecting either Standard or Custom), then select Continue. In The End… After these steps you’ll have finished ordering your CVD diamonds online! Congratulations! Now, after finalizing everything, enjoy an easy checkout process that puts all of your information in one place for fast ordering. You’re only one click away from placing an order with our secure shopping cart – no more entering information over and over again!

Step 6 – Choose The Metal Type

Choose What Type of Metal You Would Like Your CVD diamonds in. The most popular options include white gold, yellow gold, and platinum. Some common varieties of these metals include 14 karat, 18 karat and 22 karat. These are not percentages that indicate how pure your metal is. Instead, they refer to how many parts gold there are per thousand parts total metal content in your ring. For example, 14k white gold consists of 14 parts pure gold for every thousand total metal parts (or 490 pure silver parts). Yellow gold has 10 times more silver than 14k white gold, while platinum is heavier than both with just one part purer than 24k white gold per thousand total metal parts.

Step 7 – Order And Enjoy!

First and foremost, when you order CVD diamonds, we will make sure you know exactly what your jewelry is made of, that it?s conflict-free and eco-friendly. Next, we will make sure that if anything should go wrong with your jewelry (it shouldn?t!) we will repair or replace it for free. This allows us to continue producing great quality products at affordable prices! Buy CVD Diamond Jewelry Now.