How to throw the Best College Birthday Party Ever

College Birthday

College days are the most funny and colourful days in anyone?s life. It is a golden period where you can collect tons of memories and save them for a lifetime. In such cases, everyone will love to have a great celebration for anything they come across. So, do you think you can celebrate the birthdays of your best friends in your college? No! However, most people do not have an idea on the ways to celebrate the birthdays. Are you one of them struggling with a lack of ideas? Here is the list of stunning ideas to check out for planning the upcoming birthday! 

Decorate the classroom 

When you decorate the classroom for the teacher?s day, students, youth?s days and several other important occasions, why don?t you do the same for your best friend?s birth? If you can do this he or she will feel honored when they enter the classroom. This special moment will stay in their minds for a long time.

Surprise them with a personalized cake 

Today, with the rise of online cake delivery in India, there is a huge option for the different types of cakes. If you just have a smartphone in your hand, it is just enough to have a few seconds to place an order for the best-personalized cake. They will deliver at the time you are looking for to make it a great surprise for the birthday party. 

Plan for the birthday party after class hours 

When you get bored with planning the party? No! You can do the same for the special day of your best day as well. Invite all the faculties in your college and friends from different departments. If you are not allowed to do this in the classroom, plan it outside. Usually, you will have a bakery near your college where you have more time. That particular bakery will be the best option for celebrating the birthday. 

Approach an open party making the place 

These days, more people are showing more interest in the open door parties. In fact, several weddings are even taking place in the open door environment. So, you can invite friends and faculties who are close to your heart to have the birthday party outdoors. Just imagine a beautiful evening with the great decorative lights along with the favorite people and birthday cake delivery to say ?happy birthday?, feeling dramatic! Right? You can offer such a birthday surprise to your friend. 

Present the video of college memories 

Just imagine you are sitting inside a classroom and the video is yet to play in the projector. When the video starts, you can find that it is a collection of the beautiful, funny and naughty clicks of you along with your friends from day 1 of your college life. Various pictures captured in different places are filled in the video. The sense of friendship is found in the video with the pictures and the background friendship song. You can have an excellent feel now, right? Why don?t you make the same feel for your best friend? What are you still waiting for? Get ready to collect memorable photos immediately.

Your adolescence age is not only for learning and fun making. It is also the time to be innovative and make memories. When you turn back to your college after two-three decades, only these golden memories will come in front of you. So, ensure you are following the best and innovative ways through which you can surprise your best friend, or even you can plan for your birthday as well with these ideas. 

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