Known manufacturers are now setting aggressive future targets to minimize or eradicate plastic packaging from their business environment entirely and replace it with a sustainable alternative. This will rush many new challenges and questions. As a result, technological solutions are gaining attention from these major players as consumers become more aware of the negative impacts of plastics on the environment. Big corporations are re-shaping and rethinking their corporate models, fearful of their reputations.

    The Jagannath Polymers Pvt. Ltd. was founded in the year 1995, becoming a popular name in the plastic packaging industry. Today the Jagannath Group is known as a leading provider of Mono Layer / Multilayer Blown Films, Two / Three Layer Flexible Laminates, Extrusion Laminated Products, and Tapes. They have relocated their branches in several cities by tailoring innovations and recognizing the key packaging requirements.

    The Jagannath Group is the one-stop solution for all the tribulations associated with packaging. They have a clearer vision for understanding the plastics industry by gaining experience in the area of extrusion, printing, and lamination. The goods offered are of the highest quality as they are manufactured in compliance with established manufacturing standards using sophisticated technology.

    • Build a scratch-free package 
    • Product-specific recommendations 
    • World-class engineering commodity 
    • Distributed packaging solutions established 
    • Quick response to customer request 
    • A six-sigma Working strategy 
    • Specialist team 
    • Help to customers 
    • Ambient Hygiene

    The business consists of roto-gravure printing lines, several blown film lines, one extrusion lamination line, solvent-based / solvent-free adhesive lamination lines, one adhesive lamination line, and several axillary converters to meet the requirement.

    One-Stop Solution to your Packaging Problems

    Expertise when it comes to the packaging issues, turning the process from complicated to simple. 

    Wherever the customers are located in the world, they can distribute the goods through their advanced supply chain management systems to their specified locations. The Jagannath Group provides its customers with one-stop packaging solutions to maximize the company value:

    • Understanding the packaging needs of the Consumer 
    • Wide-ranging approach to packaging design and product features 
    • Consumer test run 
    • Component design 
    • Specialist Supply Chain Management 
    • Distribution of the goods to designated locations

    1. Diversified Product Packaging:

    With over 25 years of experience in the supply chain management industry, they’ve provided their customers with thousands of packaging solutions. Their capabilities motivate customers to achieve business goals and maximize operations for cost-effectiveness.

    Industries served:

    • Electronics
    • Luxuries
    • Transport
    • Beauty products
    • Premium products

    2.Environment Materials Packaging:

    The Jagannath Group recognizes that good packaging security means protecting your assets and the reputation of your business for your product. They ensure that the raw materials come from responsibly managed forests, eliminating environmental effects so that their customers and consumers can experience a better quality of life.

    3.Quality Policy:

    The Jagannath Group is completely committed to satisfying the customers by manufacturing and supplying zero-defect goods. To achieve this they have committed themselves to deliver quality goods and services as per customer-specified contractual requirements and timely delivery by constantly developing the quality management framework with relevant legislative and regulatory requirements.

    Jagannath Group’s Top Product Segment:

    1.Shrink Wrap:

    Shrink-wrap is known as a protective wrapping for products and/or materials using clear plastic film wrapped around the items and then shrunk by heat. 

    2.Blocks of Thermocol: 

    They are the leading high-quality producer and supplier of the EPS Thermocol Board. The raw material used in the manufacture of these Thermocol sheets is consistently checked according to different parameters. 

    3.Air Bubble Sheets:

    This perforated air bubble sheet is suitable for packaging delicate and sensitive items, as these provide sufficient protection. The sheet is commonly requested by its clients and admired for its impeccable consistency and functionality.


    Honeycomb is a durable, cost-effective, custom craft paper medium that is stronger than wallpaper and less costly than wood. Honeycomb is made by bringing together individual bands of craft paper into a series of continuous hexagonal cells 

    5.Thermocol Box: 

    When it comes to the fabrication of iceboxes, you can rely on Jagannath Community expertise. They’re the leading Thermocol box manufacturer based in Rajasthan, India. They do custom fabrication to suit the requirements of their customers. They can do customized icebox production with the best in class Thermocol manufacturing and molding facility.

    6. Medicine Box:

    They deliver a wide variety of medicinal Thermocol packaging boxes. These delivered boxes differ in sizes as well as in designs depending on consumer preferences and the product to be shipped.

    Bottom line: 

    As customers become more informed about the environmental effects plastics have, they are keen to hold corporations and their packaging practices to account. Big players are now more focused than ever on manufacturing and more responsible for packaging their products. Let’s look at one of the best solutions to all your issues with packaging.

    About Author: 

    Piyush is the Second generation in the founding family of the JPPL- Plastic Packaging Material Manufacturer Company. He is an Software Engineer By Education with a bachelor of engineering degree. Piyush has been leading the  company since 2015 and expanded the company in different vertices.

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