How to Take Care of Your Tyre


Maintain Recommended Inflation Pressure

For your tyres to perform well, stay fuel-efficient and to have a safe journey, the most important thing that you can do is check and maintain the recommended inflation pressure. Check the pressure frequently (once a month) with a tyre pressure gauge.

If you don?t have any idea or have less information about how much inflation pressure should be maintained, you should check the vehicle?s manual because you will find it in there. Maintaining the correct inflation pressure will help your tyres to last long.

Under inflation and over inflation, both have their own cons. Underinflation can result in severe cracking, bad load capacity and gives a tyre mechanical damage while over-inflation can give you a very uncomforting road journey and increases impact damage.

Tip: Always check the tyre pressure when the tyres are cool.

Check Your Tyres For Wear and Damage

Now another important point of tyre care is to check your tyres for wear and damage at regular intervals. Before going on a trip or if driving regularly, to prevent any misfortunes, check your tyres if they need a replacement or not.

Check your tread wear indicators and have your tyres get inspected by an auto dealer if you notice any penetrations, cracks, knots, bulges, or air loss in your tyres.

Don?t Mount Your Own Tyres

Since you are not a tyre dealer, you are not an expert in mounting any tyre and you might not know the correct way of mounting tyres. Mounting your own tyres in the wrong way can be very risky and serious injury can occur if not taken proper care of.

Another tip here is to fit all tyres of the same sizes and types for best handling and ideal performance.

It is always recommended to get your tyres mounted by an expert or an experienced person.

Don?t Overload Your Vehicle

To make your tyres last longer and stay durable, make sure to never overload your vehicle. Not every tyre has the capability to carry heavy loads. Regular tyres for family cars and daily use are not for heavy loads. You have to get a completely different set of tyres if your purpose is different if you want to carry weighty equipment and need tyres for commercial use only.

Overloading your vehicle which has the lesser capacity to carry loads can place stress on your tyres and on other critical vehicle components. It can also damage your tyre, decrease the tyre lifespan, cause poor handling and increase fuel consumption.

To determine the limit of your vehicle?s load capacity, check the vehicle?s manual. 

Tyre Ageing

Just like anything else in the world, tyres die with age too. The basic lifespan of any tyre is 5 years if taken care of properly. The compounds from which any rubber is made, are affected by three things, heat, sunlight and precipitation. Prestige, classic and caravan car tyres mostly wear out sooner than other tyres since most of the time they are standing because of infrequent use. 

The depth of your tyre treads can give you bad handling but ageing and deteriorating of your tyre are a lot worse, it just breaks the tyre down and the tyre loses all its mechanical properties. 

The signs of your tyre ageing are clear and easy to spot for example the cracking of the rubber, the fading of the rubber colour etc.

You cannot stop the tyre from ageing but you can delay the process of its ageing. It is always recommended to store your vehicle in the garage as the temperature is more controlled there. This way the elements of the vehicle are also not exposed to the atmosphere.

How to Store Them

How you store your tyres plays an important role in keeping your tyres safe and healthy. Never stack your tyres on top of each other for long hours and always store your tyres in a dry, ventilated area, where they are not exposed to sunlight.?These are some tips to maintain your tyres. However, if your tyres are in bad condition, don?t hesitate from buying new tyres as these are essential for safety. You can find a lot of different tyres in Sharjah which suit your vehicle.

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