How to make your Employees more productive

employee productivity

As an executive or CEO, one of your biggest responsibilities is to encourage other people to do their best. When done well, everyone in your team will not only be productive and efficient but also enjoy their work.

How do you create the most productive employees in your office – or at least create an environment that makes them want to be more productive?

If you can answer this question correctly, your business has the potential to significantly grow bottom lines and become a major player in your industry.

Here are some tips for you to help your employees be more productive:

  1. Know Them: Take the time to get to know your employees. Their values, their interests, their abilities, their challenges, and their aspirations. Being genuinely interested in their interests and major events in their own lives will have a positive effect on how much they, in turn, care for the company. You can find the skills and abilities that are not expressed. They can raise any unspoken concerns. People will feel better understood and appreciated, which makes them want to be more productive office workers.
  1. Develop Them: You should create opportunities for your employees to grow in the company. You should put their skills to the test by coaching, workshops, courses, and mentoring. In addition to growing professionals, give them opportunities to learn new hobbies, pick up exciting skills, and give them time to focus on their love projects. Encourage them to move on in their personal and professional lives.
  1. Communicate, Early, and Often: Be clear about your expectations. Where possible, let people know about the whole business. They will want to know right from wrong – and especially about anything that affects their work. Submit a speech. If you expect to be honest and open with them, do so in the way you communicate with them first.
  1. Set Clear Goals: Be sure to explain the company’s goals. While working together as a team allows for productivity, it is also good to hone your skills as individuals and help set personal goals.  
  1. Appreciate Good Work: As you celebrate the accomplishments of the company, show that you care about your employees. Agree and provide feedback (at least once a week and every six months for total progress). Try to make sure they have the opportunity to do what they do best every day, and remind them that their jobs are important.
  1. Provide Perks: Make work a game show type! By setting common or independent goals, maximize creative benefits such as free food, casual wear on Friday, or concert tickets.
  2. Encourage Breaks: It is important to work hard but also give your employees some rest. By allowing employees to breathe a little, they will be more productive and return to work with a focused mind.
  1. Offer Mutual Evaluation: Whether you are the head of a company or an employee, it is important that both sides are being evaluated. By working as a team, you can communicate with each other about your concerns and ask for feedback. In doing so, it helps to create a sense of ownership. 
  1. Offer the Support They Need: Make sure they have the necessary resources (time, people, budget, and training) to do their job effectively.
  1. Support Innovation: A good way to get your employees to make an impact on the company as a whole is to let them innovate.

Try new ways and experiment with them together. By allowing this, the whole group can learn what works and what does not. It encourages growth.

  1. Be Consistent: To make things better, make sure you are consistent. While it is good to communicate with team members at a personal and recurring level, it is also important to act as a manager with everyone.
  1. Acquire or enhance your Coaching Skills: Attendance, good listening, and open-ended questions are important training skills. At the end of the day, if your team members love their job and are eager to get into work, they will have an inner motivation to be more productive employees for your business.

Managers who directly overlook employees play an important role in increasing employee productivity. Most of the employees in the company report to executive-level employees either directly or indirectly. So, it is very important that you hire the right executive-level employees. We recommend you hire an executive search company such as ecap to help you find the perfect executives. Great executives can help you enhance teamwork, improve communication and in-turn increase the productivity of your employees.

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