How to Start a Preschool Franchise or A Pre-School Franchise?

preschool franchise india

The preschool franchise business model is a promising stream of the franchising industry for those investors who seek to develop the education business. This model benefits franchisees in the way that they are given the brand name, the curriculum and the operational support to work within and thus reduce the risks related to establishing a new business venture. Many different aspects of this model are worth being analyzed in more detail and a few of the best preschool franchises in India are highlighted below.

Cautions When Buying a Preschool Franchise.

1. Brand Recognition: A franchisee gains on valuable recognition and advertising by franchising preshcool brand while the parent who is seeking quality, reliable education for their child is satisfied.

2. Curriculum and Training: Franchise owners have access to a ready framework for the school curriculum and perform teacher training and continuing education for the staff so as to maintain uniform performance of each branch.

3. Operational Support: Guidance in various areas, such as site location, aesthetics of the establishment, marketing strategies, and administrative processes, enables franchisees to operate their units efficiently.

4. Community and Network: The concept of franchise network ensures the franchisees do not have to start from scratch in their business as they are able to leverage on the expertise of others within the franchise network.

Top 4 Preschool Franchise Schools in India.

 The scenario of outsourcing franchises is very promising in India as several preschools have attained high standards in terms of quality and popularity.

1. GD GoenkaToddler House          

      One of the best preschool franchises in India is GD Goenka Toddler House which currently has more than 750 centres throughout the country. The highly instructional and research-based curriculum and teaching approaches are made in a way that children acquire overall personality growth. Eager to help a franchisee have a successful preschool, they offer and dedicate time and resources to training.

      2. Kidzee

      Kidzee is one of the most prominent early childhood educators in the Asian continent with an estimate of over 1900 centers spread in 750 cities in India. Modelled on something it calls iLLUME, Kidzee aims to provide best practices in child learning and development. The franchise operates an excellent support to pre-school management and establishment.

      3. EuroKids

      EuroKids have more than 1k operational centers in all across India. They have a more comprehensive curriculum that includes the Playway systems and the Montessori systems along with other early learning concepts. EuroKids requires its franchisees to go through the company’s practical course, marketing services, and business advice.

      4. Bachpan Play School

      Bachpan Play School is a part of over 1200 branches strong across the globe and focuses on providing unique curriculum that blends the new teaching methods and traditional ethics. The franchise option guarantees a high-quality education provided that every branch is provided with constant support and training.

      5. Shemrock

      Shemrock is a preschool imparting education for more than 30years in more than 625 preschools. The brand engages in bright and interactive classrooms and franchisees enjoy the support of a franchisee franchisee operational and marketing support system.

      Why GD Goenka Toddler House: The right choice for your child.

      If anybody wants to start a pre-school then GD Goenka Toddler House can be a good destination. One of the largest education groups in India, for its quality education and child development approach, and the use of the preschool franchise business model in the organization of educational institutions, special attention is paid to creating the demand for the organization, the research, preparation, and approach to the organization of the curriculum, the latest design and construction of infrastructure, continuous training of the teaching staff of the educational institution and other aspects. This franchise implies that each centre meets the high expectations in terms of quality that come with the GD Goenka brand and hence potentially acts as an attractive option for parents and franchisees.


      The preschool franchise model is very appealing to entrepreneurs who see this opportunity to contribute to the advancement of the education sector and earn business profits that can be huge when franchising a well-established brand. Among the many choices that one could easily find in the market GD Goenka Toddler House has been chosen as one of the elite options for its capabilities to provide quality education as well as strong support and brand recognition.