How to Sell Your Home Without a Real Estate Agent

Ready to sell your house? You can save up to thousands of dollars by cutting off the middle man and selling your home without the help of a real estate agent.

Keep reading to learn some practical ways to sell your house without the help of an agent.

1. Prepare Your Home for Marketing

Find a storage unit to keep the things you rarely need while your house is on the market. Don?t let strangers wander into your things when they come to tour your house. You can choose to store your things for the time being in your attic, garage, or basement. Removing personal things like photographs from view allows potential buyers to picture themselves in that space living there. In the spirit of preparing your house, thoroughly clean the surfaces.

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Also, brighten up your home with fresh paint and well-lit rooms. A poorly lit house brings a depressing somber mood. On the outside, trim and shape your lawn. Make your house look attractive and desirable to buyers and not just a cozy place to visit.

2. Market Your Property

Advertise your home online, on websites, photographs, use brochures, and put up ?For Sale? yard signs in your neighborhood. Start by taking high-quality photographs, preferably on a sunny day, to make your house look spacious and bright. You can also advertise your home in local newspapers and community notice boards.

3. Have an Open House

You can host a friendly and informative open house to advertise your home. Post online and put up signboards in your neighborhood to make people aware of the open house.

During the open house provide some refreshments and brochures. Try out common scents like cedar, vanilla, citrus, cinnamon, and pine to appeal to buyers. The manner you interact with your potential buyers as you show them around will have an impact on whether they will make an offer or not.

Decide a route you will use for a tour during the open house. As the seller of your home, be friendly yet professional to your potential buyers. Remember to point out the positive aspects and best features of your home. After the end of the open house tour, give the guests a chance to ask questions about your home.

4. Understand Selling Points of Your Property

When advertising, ensure you include basic details concerning your house: the selling price, number of bathrooms, square foot size, number of bedrooms, building materials, building style, age, and anything that makes your house special to prospective buyers.

Make sure to list all the good qualities of your house to inspire buyers because you know it better than anyone else. But, if you wish to sell your house without having to worry about its selling points, consider selling your home for cash. To find a business that buys houses in your area, simply search ?we buy houses in San Antonio,? for example, and find a reputable business that will sell your house for you.

5. Negotiate with Your Buyer

As you do not have an estate agent, the challenge of negotiating the price of the home is upon you. Determine the minimum price you will be willing to take before starting the negotiating process and stick by it. If you do not like the offer, turn it down politely while leaving the relationship with the buyer still intact. When you get an offer that meets your standards, accept it verbally first, and then you can send a confirmation through email. The process will not be termed legal and binding until there are contracts.

Once you get a buyer and receive a contract, it is up to you to accept the offer or submit it for revision. This will be done until both parties have reached an agreeable amount, then they can sign the contract.

Setting the Price of Your Home

When determining a fair asking price, you will have to put into consideration the following qualities about your house:

  • The number of bedrooms
  • The location of your home
  • The age of your house
  • Available parking space
  • The size of your lawn

6. Ensure You Follow the State Laws Applying to Your Area

When selling a home, there are common laws, like the Fair Housing Act. It states a seller cannot prevent a buyer from buying a home using the following reasons: race, sex, or religion. You can review other applicable laws before embarking on your home-selling journey.

The Bottom Line

If you are time conscious and determined, selling your house without a real estate agent could work for you and save yourself the seller fees. Just be sure to take heed of the above tips to make the home-selling process smooth and efficient.