How to Roll Your Shirt Sleeves Without Compromising on Style

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There are many types of rolling up a shirt sleeve. However, a roll gone wrong can ruin one?s look in a matter of moments. A roll done right, on the right hand, adds to one?s personality. There are many techniques to roll a sleeve and you will read about some of the popular ones below.

Continue reading below to find out which sleeve rolling up style works best for you and what you should do in formal settings. You will also get to read about some important considerations before rolling up your sleeves! Happy reading!

Military Roll

Considered as a classic style, most people ignore the great utility that the military sleeve roll provides! And what is it? The fact that it?s a very easy quick-fix. This technique is extremely simple and gives a very neat look to one?s overall clothing. If you are wearing a khaki shirt with cuffs that have patterns on the inside, then this is the ideal sleeve roll to show them off. 

How to Do the Military Roll?

  • Unbutton your cuffs
  • Remove any creases in your sleeve
  • Cuff must reach inside the elbow when you fold the sleeve
  • Fold from the sleeve?s bottom and cover the cuff
  • Allow some of the cuff to remain visible
  • To straighten out, just hold the cuff?s top edge and pull downwards

Forearm Roll

The forearm roll is regarded as the most casual type of rolls. You can assume a forearm roll in a matter of seconds. As the name implies, it?s casual and complements one?s casual nature or relaxed mood. This roll reveals a third of one?s arm and gives a carefree look to the wearer. 

How to Do the Forearm Roll?

  • Unbutton your cuffs 
  • Remove any creases
  • Roll the sleeve back one time equal to the cuff?s width
  • Roll backward once more equal to the cuff?s width
  • Keep the roll a little enough 


For individuals who are a little bossy, the high-roller is the go-to sleeve rolling technique. The high-roller style showcases one?s carefree and self-immersed attitude. It also works well for individuals who are about to engage in high-intensity work. Note that this is not for?formal settings such as when you?re in the office or at a wedding.?

How to Do the High-roller?

  • Roll your sleeve back equal to the cuff?s width
  • Repeat the first step but make sure to hide the cuff
  • Repeat twice until the cuff is above your elbow

Basic Roll

As the name implies, this is the most basic way of rolling up your sleeve. A very simple technique, the basic role is ideal for long?sleeve casual shirts. The technique also works like a charm on shirts with wider arms. A basic roll makes one feel relaxed and comfy all at the same time. 

How to Do the Basic Roll?

  • Unbutton your cuffs 
  • Remove any number of creases
  • Roll sleeve back once equal to the cuff?s width
  • Ensure that the roll is a little loose
  • Repeat the roll until the cuff is on your elbow?s inside

Some Important Considerations 

There are some things that you should be careful about when rolling your sleeves. Note that if you roll your sleeves in an improper way then you may end up looking odd. Make sure that you roll your sleeves properly to look your very best regardless of the occasion or setting. 

It?s Okay to Roll Up Your Sleeves at Work

Rolling up one?s sleeves shows one?s can-do attitude. So even if you?re at work, it?s okay to roll up your sleeves. For flannel and denim shirts, it?s perfectly okay. 

Keep the Tie On

Make sure to keep your tie on. A tie will complement your rolled-up sleeves. Make sure that your rolls look neat and that your tie is in place. However, the rolls must not be above the elbow. 

Take Care of the Symmetry 

It is essentially important that both your rolls are symmetrical. If both your sleeves are rolled up at different heights then it?s an instant no, no! It shows one?s unprofessional and careless attitude.

Roll More Than Once

Rolling a cuff up only once looks quite awkward. The only exception is a French cuff and it always involves buttoning up the sleeve once it?s rolled upwards. 

Mind the Dress Code

For men’s shirts made in USA, there must be a single article for every occasion at least. Make sure that you only roll up your sleeves keeping in mind the type of event you are attending.

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