Tips to Renovate your Shed in Budget-Friendly Ways

You may have an old shed in your which is completely useless. But shed acts like extra space in your house. It is possible to renovate your old shed and use it in various effective ways. If you have a small budget, then renovating an old shed is a good idea. The process of constructing a new shed is not just expensive, but time-consuming as well. 

Building V/S Renovating

As we have already explained that renovating an old shed is quite easy and cheaper than building one from scratch. The time required for constructing a shed from scratch will take more than two months. But, the renovation of an old shed would not take more than two weeks. Moreover, it will not require a huge budget. In the renovation process, you have to repair a few things and replaced some parts which are completely damaged. For instance, if the window of the shed is completely damaged, then replace it with the?12×18 playhouse window.

playhouse windows

The most important thing you need to consider before start renovation that the structural integrity of the shed is not highly compromised, especially if you are going to use it as a playhouse. The process of renovating a shed is very much satisfying. The process of designing and building something from scratch is incredible, but the process of renovation is more appreciable. There are various ways to renovate a shed and some of them are described below: 

Determine Condition Of Shed?

First of all, you should analyze the condition of the shed. While doing an analysis, you should make a list of things that need repair or replacement. After the complete inspection, you should prepare a separate list in which you should mention all necessary actions required for the shed makeover. You should pay attention to the wood condition, shed windows, door, roof, and various other things inside the shed. 

Properly Clean Timber

You should start the process of renovation with the cleaning of timber. The old sheds are not well kept and they were neglected, even in adverse weather conditions. Therefore, the old shed needs complete cleaning and makeover. You may have to remove algae, debris, snail shells, and many more from the timber. After cleaning the timber thoroughly, you can easily find out various other problems in the shed. 

Power Wash

After cleaning the timber, you should give power wash to your shed. It will help you to properly clean each panel of the shed. With the help of a power wash, you can easily get rid of ingrained dirt and algae. Let it dry properly before start implementing other stages of renovation. 


Once your shed is properly clean, then you should make a list of repairs. If there is a hole in the roof, you have to fix it so that rainwater cannot enter your shed. Also, you should consider paying attention to the walls. If you find any problem, then immediately fix it. If you cannot do it alone, then take the help of professionals. If it needs replacement, then replace the old window with the best?playhouse windows.?


Once you have completed the repairing process, then it is time to make it look attractive. You should apply a fresh coat of paint on your shed walls, windows, doors, and roof as well. If you want to use a shed as a playhouse, then you should use bold and bright colors because they will help to make your playhouse look attractive. 

Painting shed is not just important for improving its visual appeal but it is imperative to increase the lifespan of timber. The paint-coated timber can withstand bad weather and resist algae, mold, and rot. In addition to this, the layer of paint also helps in protecting against the sunrays. 


You should start decorating your shed based on its usage. If you want to use the shed for your kids, then arrange a few small chairs inside the shed. Also, decorate it with the toys of the kids. Install proper lighting fixture inside the shed. Some sheds have different styles of windows to increase their visual appeal. You can also consider the installation of round playhouse windows along with the square windows. 

Run Electricity

Whether you want to use the shed as an extra space in the house, storeroom, or playhouse for your kids, electricity is a must. You should consider running electric wires to the playhouse so that you can light up the new shed

These are the few basic steps that you need to implement during the renovation of a shed or playhouse. It is a budget-friendly and eco-friendly way to add extra space to your house. Also, it will help you to make your old shed useful.