Known About the History of Kuppadam Silk Sarees

The history of Kuppadam Sarees starts from the state of Andhra Pradesh in South India. Andhra Pradesh is well known for its exclusive hand woven Kuppadam Sarees fabric. This was made by the Chirala Community of that region and later became quite popular after the year 2021, when it was launched on the e-commerce market.

Kuppadam Sarees of Andhra Pradesh is relatively cheaper as compared to those of other countries. This is the main reason that the demand for silk sarees in India has been appreciative. Andhra Pradesh is well known for churning excellent cotton silk sarees at the rate of about 15 per square meter. They are relatively cheaper than the sarees produced in karancha or katipunnam in West Bengal, India. Andhra Pradesh is known to produce the best silk sarees at the most competitive prices in the world.

Kuppadam Sarees

There are many reasons that contribute to the fact that Kuppadam Sarees of Andhra Pradesh is less expensive than the silk sarees from other countries. One such reason is that they are made with assorted fabric and patterns. This is a unique feature of Andhra Pradesh sarees.

It is worth mentioning that there is no other place in the country that boasts of having this much variety. Most of the embroidery patterns seen in katipunnam and karka are not seen at all here. In addition, the production of silk sarees is generally quite expensive as compared to the production of cotton sarees.

Andhra pradesh is also famous for its production of fine embroidered textiles and handicraft items like kuppadam sarees. A wide range of textiles, including cashmere, jute, sisal and bamboo based threads, is used for these products. Another unique feature of Andhra pradesh is the use of natural raw materials in the manufacturing of its fine silk sarees and kuppadam gaga. Most of these items are exported to nearby cities in India and abroad.

Some of the finest silk sarees of Andhra Pradesh are Chokkad Jeweled Saree and Kundan Jewelry Saree. These are some of the most well known and admired sarees in the market. Saree fabrics of other colors, like crepe, jute and other fabrics, are also in high demand. The use of varied thread color and patterns in these areas provides them a distinct look.

Kuppadam Silk sarees have a special charm and appeal among the buyers. This is because the fabric is not only extremely comfortable but has a shimmering glow and richness to it. Its exotic designs and shades add more elegance to these areas. Andhra Pradesh also has its own type of care called the “Rakhi Saree”. These are very popular among the tourists as they resemble the traditional attires of Rajasthan folk dresses.

Andhra Pradesh has its own native dress, which is called “Rakhi Saree”. Andhra Pradesh has a rich history and these dresses represent the traditional culture of Andhra Pradesh much before modern times. They are preferred mostly during religious occasions and get packed only after a long wait. Andhra pradesh is globally famous for its silk sarees that bear prominent religious designs and are a big hit with the women folk.

Kuppadam Cotton and Kuppadam Silk are generally hand woven and can be available in different price ranges. Some renowned designers of Andhra Pradesh are Sailoz Mukherjee, Ananya Kumar and Ritu Kumar. These outfits are popular mainly because of their exquisite embellishments and impressive cuts. The motifs on these kuppadam sarees are floral designs, fairies and lotus. These attires are generally costly because of their intricate embroidery and fine cotton fabrics.

While traveling in Andhra Pradesh, tourists must visit places like Alapuzha, Bekal, Wayanad, Lavapuzha, etc., as they have some famous textile mills located here. In fact, Alapuzha and Wayanad are the two major textile centers of Andhra Pradesh and are famous for their premium quality kuppadam sarees. However, prices of these attires are relatively cheaper compared to other patterns. Cotton and kuppadam made part sarees are available in a variety of cuts and designs. The patty pattern is generally inexpensive while the other cuts are relatively cheaper.

One of the most famous patterns for Andhra Pradesh is the tulip-straw flower patch design that is popular among the local people. These kuppadam sarees have intricate flower patches in the borders. The flower patch patterns are generally made from silk with gold threads around them. The patty pattern can be continued along the edge of the garment with slight alterations. The cotton silk sarees of this pattern are comparatively cheaper than kuppadam sarees.

While travelling in Andhra Pradesh, tourists must make a stop at the Kippadi embroidery factory in Bekal, to check the quality of their attires. Apart from being the oldest textile factory in Andhra Pradesh, it has also been accredited as the best kuppadam sarees maker. Various kinds of silk products are produced at the factory and are used to create kuppadam sarees. Amongst all, Patligu silk is considered to be the finest and the most attractive silk saree in the world.

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