Professional Guidelines On How to Recognize Quality Roofing

Getting funds for new roof installation is not an easy task. Therefore, any homeowner would want to achieve quality roofing at the end of the project. First, working with the right roofing contractor is paramount. Secondly, regular maintenance is another key to safeguarding your initial investment in your asset. Hiring the contractor with the lowest bid is not always recommended. Do not trade quality with a low price. Dig more into this discussion to know how to get quality roofing.

Guidelines to Determine Quality Roofing 

Several signs could mean improper roof replacement, installation, and repair. So how can you tell when a roofer in Michigan does a commendable job? Here are some of the scope for recognizing quality roofing.

1. Hiring A Trustworthy Roofer

Hiring a qualified roofing contractor is the main decision towards getting quality roofing services. Professional roofers have certain things in common. First, ensure that the roofer you have decided to work with is reachable and has an office address that can be reached. Make all the necessary findings to ensure your roofing projects are in safe hands. Do not forget to ask for their roofing contractor?s insurance and warranty on all the roofing materials. A low bid might be a tempting offer to accept. However, note that you will get exactly what you pay for.

2. Roof Removal

Before installing a new roof, the old one should be completely removed. Some roofers may decide to install a new roof on the existing one to save time and money. This action can lead to some potential consequences in the future. The condition of the underlayment would soon catch up with the new roof installed. Shingles tend to last longer when attached to the plywood instead of the old underlayment. It is recommended to work with a roofer to get the work done properly.

3. Proper Sheathing

Mending the roof?s sheathing should be done before any attempt for new roof installation. Inadequate nailing could cause roof sheathing to loose with time. Some unsightly buckles could form with time because of warping. If the sheathing is not rightly done, the nails can pop out and eventually cause shingles to blow off. When you see your roofer mending your roof sheathing, know he is out to give you quality roofing service.

4. Neat Job Site

The surroundings of a roofing job site matter. It is almost impossible to maintain a clean job during roof installation. However, a professional roofer has to try their best to make sure the surroundings look clean throughout the process. Your lawn should be protected from any possible damage. Also, excess materials should be picked up from your yard. Having a clean job site indicates a responsible and reputable roofing contractor.

5. Regular Inspection

Having regular inspection is another method for noting quality roofing. In addition, frequent maintenance should be done. The elements are possible threats to new roof installation. Proper nailing patterns and other quality control measures are paramount to achieving quality roofing. Your roofer should be able to inspect the project daily at the close of each workday on site.


In summary, quality work requires patience. Do not allow your contractor to use shortcuts for your new roof installation. Instead, hire a contractor who would get you a fair roof estimate and get you the deserved quality roofing. If you suspect that your roofer has done a bad roof job, do not wait. Take action immediately.