How To Prevent Having Damaged And Dry Hair

If you are among the millions of people who take pride and a great deal of care with your hair, you are not an anomaly. Having a great head of hair is vital to many and a reason why barbers and beauticians earn such a good living. Haircare isn’t exclusive to women, and there are no age limits or cut-off points for desiring a beautiful crown. Continue reading if you care about having a great head of hair and want some tips to avoid dry, damaged hair.

Hair is a protein fiber that grows from our scalp. Because it is part of our exterior, like our skin, it requires work to keep it healthy. That includes maintaining a healthy moisture balance which we will get more into later. In addition to moisture, some tips to prevent your hair from becoming dry and damaged are:

Avoid Heat When Possible

Hair is highly susceptible to drying quickly. Therefore, avoiding heat when possible is beneficial to the health of your hair. That includes washing it in scalding hot water, using a blow dryer, flat ironing, and curing with a wand curler. All of these heat mechanisms are drying to the hair.

That is not to say that you can never use heat styling tools. However, since they cause so much damage, it is beneficial to find ways to style hair without heated tools. You will be surprised at how fast your hair’s health will improve. Some methods may be:

Wash hair using warm water.

Braid wet hair for crinkles without heat.

Use a heat styling tool once per week and otherwise roll hair at night.

Allow hair to air-dry overnight.

Comb Wet Hair Carefully

When your hair’s wet, it is most fragile. It is prone to be stretched to the point of breaking and should be handled with the care of a baby. Combing hair when it is wet is one of the significant causes of breakage. Some tips for handling wet hair are:

Squeeze excess water out of hair immediately after washing.

Do not rub your head with a towel. Instead, use an old tee shirt and wrap wet hair.

Let the tee short absorb as much water as possible before removing it.

Comb through hair one time with a wide-tooth comb, starting with the ends of hair and working up to the roots.

Use seamless combs.

Comb hair in sections.

Add styling products and then comb again.

Using Good Hair Products

In addition to using good hair tools and accessories, it is essential to use good products on your hair if you want to avoid dry, damaged hair. While social media may have some great videos of women who use dish detergent in their long luscious locks, it is not good hair care practice to utilize products not made for hair.

Besides products that are made for your hair type, you want to find shampoo and a good hair growth conditioner that will pack your strands with moisture and help improve any damage. Some products use revolutionary ingredients that can change your strands for good. Using good products on your stands will keep them strong and healthy.

Get Trims Regularly

Even if you are on a long hair care journey and trying to get waist-length hair, it is essential to trim your hair every few months. When you don’t cut hair regularly, splits that form on the ends travel up the strand and cause even more harm. Those split strands sap any moisture from the hair around it, leaving you with a head full of dry and split strands.

Add Omega-3s to Your Diet

Omega 3s are nutrients that we get from food, and they are beneficial to your diet for many reasons. In addition to helping to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, mental health issues, and helping to prevent premature death, omega 3s are suitable for our body’s overall health.

In addition to our body, omega 3s are good for healthy hair. Omega 3s give our hair the proteins and nutrients our hair follicles need to thrive. They work to prevent follicle inflammation which is directly related to hair loss. Omega 3s have also been proven to promote our scalps circulation, leading to hair growth.

As you have read, dry and damaged hair is a real thing that people suffer from. However, there are ways that you can prevent your hair from further damage by using some of the methods above. 

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