How to Make a Professional-looking Logo Online with DesignEvo

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    The Internet generation has grown strong and driven by the Corona Virus. More people have begun to work remotely and make personal brands or start doing online business. So if you are going to begin a business and need a logo, or want to renew your logo, then look no further. Let’s check out this post and learn how to make a logo with online tools.

    Knowing these two things will save you time and money in making a logo.

    1. Don’t spend too much time and money to be a logo in the early stage of business.

    If you are a startup, personal brand, or website owner, please don’t spend too much time and money on making logo.

    Most of the time, you have to leave it to production content or products to start testing the market and keep repeating corrections to make money.

    The logo is just a tool for others to remember you. The actual value of the logo is given by the content you create.

    The simpler logo is better.

    Since 2017, the logos of many large companies have been changed to flat design, which removes the 3D sense of relief, shadows, and gradients, and completely presents visual elements in flat surfaces.

    Consider the convenience and versatility of subsequent use, so the logo can maintain the same tonality on websites, physical stores, and printed products. Coupled with your carefully selected corporate colors, your customers will get used to the same style over time could deepen the customer’s impression of you.

    Three things must be thought out before making your logo.

    Find the core value of your brand.

    In the early stage of building an individual brand, you may have many ideas. The core value of your brand is to integrate and refine your beliefs.

    Find the core value of the brand, the logo will not change because of your mood, and a good logo can awaken your original intention of the brand.

    You may be stuck on the core value of the brand for a long time, but it doesn?t matter. This is a kind of self-awareness. Only by clarifying your own ideas and wanting to convey ideas can you attract a suitable customer group.

    Easy-to-remember brand name and slogan

    After finding the core value, it is easier to have an idea about the brand name.

    The slogan does not necessary to be placed in the logo. It can be interspersed with your post or any promotional material to make the viewers remember the ideas you convey.

    Find your brand color.

    Have you studied color psychology? It doesn’t matter if you haven’t studied. So choose the color you like, and you can convince yourself and your customers!

    • Choose the direction of brand color:
    • What?s your target audience and customers? Like health, quality, vitality?
    • Choose the color that suits your brand like and give your color a story. Can you convince yourself and the audience?
    • You should use no more than 2or 3 colors.

    Then you surely want to know how you can get a logo with online logo tool. This post take DesignEvo logo maker to show you how to do that.

    How to customize a professional-looking logo with DesignEvo?

    When you access the DesignEvo homepage and decide to make an account from the platform, you will find a pop-up window that asks you to enter your Email ID and passwords. also you can connect with Google account and Facebook. After that it will be sent to you by confirmation email, so registration is done.

    If you click Make a Logo, you will immediately move to the screen where you can select the logo templates that will be the layout for logo creation. There are 34 categories, so select one to customize so that you can enter the logo editing page.

    Before this step, you will require to add your company name and slogan. But actually you can skip it.

    After, you can add an icon from the searching box. If you want to change the icon color, size, place, effect, you can do it by selecting it and then clicking the toolbox above the canvas. Besides, DesignEvo offers shape to use. You can apply the shape on your logo accord to your needs.

    Next, it will go to preview your logo on mockups that you can check your logo on the real application. This function is good. After you think you satisfy your logo, you can download it on your PC.

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