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    At some point in your life, you will learn English. It is inevitable and even part of basic education to have English as a taught language, especially in Western countries. Other people also study English in parallel with school education or after they have grown up, at university or during their professional life.

    But, as you face the steps to becoming fluent and becoming more and more proficient in the language, have you found yourself wondering why we have to learn it? There is no shortage of reasons to learn English and therefore we have separated the top 7 as a way to encourage you to continue your journey towards fluency or a high level of proficiency. Let’s go to them!

    1- English is the most widely spoken language in the world.

    Although it is not the language with the largest number of native speakers (in this case, it would be China, due to its number of inhabitants), English is spoken by a very high average of people. It is possible to say that, in the world, at least 1 in 5 people speak fluently or at some level sufficient to make themselves understood.

    There are approximately 400 million people who have English as a  mothertongue (mother tongue) in more than 50 countries that have it as their official or primary language (as in the United States, which does not have an official language!). But it is estimated that, worldwide, that number rises to around 1.5 billion people, considering all those who have some knowledge, good understanding and fluency.

    2- Provide study and work opportunities.

    If you want to move to another country to work or study, English will also be necessary. Australia, Canada, and many other countries offer language-dependent opportunities. For example, many places have headquarters for multinationals. These companies request English as a common language for all units of the company. 

    In relation to studies, to carry out any type of postgraduate degree abroad, it is necessary to have notions of the language beyond tshe basics, since the subjects, in most cases, will be taught in English. So it becomes neccesary to learn english.

    3- Expand your cultural horizons

    The voice overs are great, but wouldn’t you like to hear the voices of your favorite characters in the original version? Watching movies and series becomes a much more pleasant experience when you get in touch with the language in which it was recorded, with jokes and local terms, to expand your knowledge of the language and cultural issues. The same goes for songs. Of course you have already decorated the songs of your favorite playlist, but it can be an ally to learn English without you realizing it. New words, accents, ways of expressing yourself? There are many possibilities.

    Another very good possibility is to listen to the releases of your favorite artist and also read the books of your favorite authors as soon as they are published abroad. The translated version always takes a little longer to reach digital platforms and bookstores, but the original does not. Imagine reading and understanding more about your favorite stories and killing anxiety faster!

    4- Make your trips easier

    The use of English often starts first. These are forms, interviews, and hotel reservations that your knowledge of English may need to be successful, and not just for English-speaking countries.

    After disembarking, the journey with English becomes even more serious, since you may have some barrier in the local language or have to face conversations with the natives. Our classes can help a lot, especially to get to know the most varied accents from around the world. But face-to-face contact is your biggest test of learning, especially if you find yourself in an unexpected situation, like the need to ask for directions to a place or place an order at a restaurant.

    5- It keeps your brain active

    Brain activation is directly related to memory and our ability to keep information, knowledge and news in our minds. By learning a new language, we are immersed in a whole world to explore. New words, grammatical formations, word structures present in songs, series and movies, can help this movement in the brain to be very active.

    It is an excellent benefit for those who want to do mental exercises throughout their life. As you get older, having a fluent language as an ally will help protect you even from illness. Exercising the brain for more than one language has already been tested, by several studies, as a way to delay the onset of dementia, for example.

    6 – Allows you to meet new people

    You can make new friends in a number of ways. A language course is one of those options. By learning English online, you can count on classmates from all over the world and at the same level as yours. By sticking to a scheduled study routine, you can practice daily with some of the same friends. But it is possible to go further and explore extracurricular activities. Interacting on our social networks, for example, will bring you closer to us, but you can also make friends with other people who are commenting there.

    Also, as already mentioned, learning English makes you open your doors to the world. This world can be known by traveling physically (if you are not accompanied, the responsibility is in your hands, and in your language!) Or virtually, in applications, websites, social networks and more.

    7- It’s fun

    Learning does not need to have the weight that many people give or the character of obligation. When studying English, you have endless possibilities to practice, study and learn. Just decorating the rules can even delay your evolution, which should happen naturally, with a little practice every day and with the most varied formats.

    If you want to enjoy and start this adventure towards fluency now, our school has its virtual doors open waiting for you. Learning English online with us gives you unlimited access to activities and resources, with group and private classes, certified teachers and the opportunity to train with friends from all over the world.

    Remember to build on your accomplishments, challenge yourself, and find fun ways to achieve your dream in the best possible way! Count on us.


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