How to fix broken parrot wings

    broken parrot wings

    Broken parrot wings are not uncommon among the bird species considering their bones are already fragile which make them more prone to injuries. Not only does a broken wing inflict pain on the bird itself but the struggle of inability of stretching their wings and flying, if they?re wild parrots, can become traumatizing for the pet itself. For this reason, it?s important to treat the broken wing as soon as possible and ensure the best care you can provide so that it may heal completely. For more visit Cute Parrots

    The following are the steps you can take to accomplish this procedure.

    Step 1: 

    The first step is to carefully handle your parrot and place it inside its cage or carrier. If the parrot refuses to cooperate and tries getting away, use a net to gently bring it towards you and then place it in its place. Next, take it to a quiet and closed place to avoid disturbances and relax the pet.

    Step 2:

    The next step is to examine the wing carefully and if there are signs of any wound, clean it carefully with water and an anti-bacterial product. If there?s any continuous bleeding, try and stop the bleeding first. However, if the wound seems to be infected contact a veterinarian immediately.

    Step 3:

    Then, position the parrot?s broken wings along its body in its natural position and at this moment cut a veterinarian bandage and wrap the wing with it. The length of the bandage is generally advised to be 12 inch.

    Step 4:

    The right procedure to wrap the bandage is to wrap it in a way that it goes around the parrot?s entire body and ensure that it is tight enough to hold its place. The important point is to make sure you wrap the bandage under the broken wing as well as cautiously as you can.

    Step 5:

    Next is to let your parrot walk on the ground. If it can walk around freely as well as move its wing without indication of any discomfort you?re good to go. However, if there are any restrictions in its movements, adjust the bandage accordingly.

    Step 6:

    Take the proper precautionary methods so that your pet can heal its wings. Avoid touching it with dirty hands especially the areas that are inflicted with wounds as well as avoid moving it too much from place to place and any other extra contact. An extra point is to give it a comfortable place to rest in during this time preferably with extra heat since heat regulates the healing procedure more efficiently. 

    Step 7:

    Take your parrot back to its cage and feed it regularly and keep a close check on the injury. You should keep the bandage on for a few weeks generally 2-4 weeks so that it can heal properly and then let the bird practice flying in a cage it can fly easily in to check its movement. If it seems that it still can?t move its wing properly, get it checked with a vet.

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