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    The United Kingdom holds the top most position among the students for its excellent education system. It is the most preferable place to study with its world leader in various regions of education including engineering, science, art and plan, business and executives, law, and account. The UK has eight percent in the worldwide scientific publication, with just a single percent of the global population.The country offers students a chance to learn and gain qualification from the world-renowned education system that will most certainly help them in their future. Over 600,000 Students globallyapply in the UK?s universities every year for their variety of programs ranging from English language courses to PhD programs.

    Studying in UK would not only help one to gain global but will be also beneficial for their career. Aspiring applicants comes to UK from different countries to study in the country and most of them have the main objective to settle there. There are multiple career options available according to the respective courses studied, so one can simply look for the options available related to their interest and qualification.

    Whether one desire to stay in their host country or go back to their home country or even travel to a completely different country, options are multiple. Once a student will get their degree from UK, market will be open be one for them. They would get 5% faster and better job opportunities than their peers. After studying in the country, one will become a whole different individual, not just because of the knowledge they will gain but also the self-development they will have after staying in a foreign country.

    London provides graduate students with the best beginning salaries. As being worldwide city, London has excellent links with the blue-chip organizations from all the industries. The city?s universities has the highest employment rates of graduatesin the UK. Even if you are a citizen from the country or come from some other country, London will do a raise in your CV and make you stand out of the crowd.It is known as a global city that full of employment opportunities.

    The country facilitates students with the high quality of life and great employment prospects after their graduation. Students would need a TIER 4 visa to study in the UK and after if they desire to get job or make a career in the country, they have to apply for TIER 2 visa. Also, Recently the UK government has announced a new benefit for the student coming after 2020 in the country, international students would get 2 year post study work permit in their study visa. 


    Most of the graduate students are needed to obtain work experience with side of their degree to be successful in the market. So finding part-time work options or an internship placement that is related to your course and degree, it will help you to develop a real-life skills and make contacts in the industry. If opportunities are presented less, one can also consider approaching the companies and offering to volunteer in their own choice of industry.

    Volunteering would be a great way for gaining experience while doing something according to your interest and choice, that way you will enjoy your stay there and can get complete benefit of studying in a foreign country. It will be a great chance to understand their culture and work style.


    Business knowledge is not just only for the to-be business owners but also for the employers that value it. Many universities will provide you with the opportunities for to pick up and get experience in this area throughout the various study programs, and you can also take the lead in the given university?s societies. It will give a professional touch to your lifestyle and would give your CV an impressive.


    As an international student studying in a foreign country, you will already be able to speak more than one language. It will make you stand apart from other candidates. Your English will already be tested in the English language proficiency test that you would take at the time, you would get in the country as a student. You can also work to refine your skills while studying in the country for your degree, and take additional classes if you feel like the need to.


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