How to Fix the Bluetooth Connectivity Issues on Your Mac

    bluetooth connectivity issue

    Do you have Bluetooth connectivity issues on your Mac? Here’s a solution.

    The Macintosh Operating System or macOS is often confused with iOS. However, manufactured and sold by, Mac devices are operated by macOS and not iOS. These devices may have issues regarding Bluetooth connectivity. 

    Bluetooth is an essential part of our lives when it comes to day to day office work, document transfer, or even sharing movies, music, or pictures to our friends or family.

    Not only sharing files but also connecting electronic devices such as headphones, earphones, speakers, and so on for various purposes.

    Bluetooth connectivity always comes in handy to transfer files faster and use audio devices in the absence of internet connectivity or wired devices. But the last thing you need at the time of urgent file transfer or in the middle of a great movie or song is to face Bluetooth connectivity issues.

    These issues can include: 

    • Inability to detect Bluetooth devices by your Mac.
    • Not able to establish a connection even after detecting the device.
    • Hindrances or interferences in the smooth functioning of your Mac.

    Here are some steps you can follow:

    Step 1

    First of all, make sure your device is discoverable. You can go to your settings option and make sure that the discoverable mode is turned on.

    After that, try bringing your Mac and the Bluetooth device you are connecting it to closer to each other. When the tools are in close contact with each other, it is easier for them to establish a connection as they can detect devices easily due to the lesser distance between them.

    Step 2

    Make sure that you close all the apps running in the background of your Mac. These apps which are active in the background might cause hindrances in the pairing of the Bluetooth device. The other thing you can try is, switching off your Mac and then turning it on again. This will help to refresh your device and work more effectively.

    Step 3

    Now, if turning your Mac on and off did not work, you can try and do the same thing with the Bluetooth device that you are connecting your Mac to. Turn off your Bluetooth device and then turn it on again. This will help refresh your Bluetooth device, be it headphones, keyboard, earphones, or any other device. Do it once or twice, and then you will be able to pair the two.

    Step 4

    Make sure that your Mac is ultimately charged. See that the battery percentage is between 70% – 90%. If it is 100%, then that would be much better. 

    Devices always function well when they are charged to their fullest. A low charged device may not work actively and can have problems detecting Bluetooth devices and pairing with them. Also, make sure that the Bluetooth device you are paring your Mac too is charged as well. Low trusted Bluetooth devices might not be detected by Mac even if your Mac itself is fully charged.

    Step 5

    You can reset your Mac’s Bluetooth module. Hold the shift + alt keys on your Mac’s keyboard and click the Bluetooth symbol on the macOS menu bar’s top left corner. By doing this, you can locate the revealed Debug submenu and hover your mouse cursor over it. After that, click on the “reset the module module” option. Now restart your Mac. However, even after this, if the issue continues to exist, you can factory reset all connected devices.

    Step 6

    Try forgetting the Bluetooth device on Mac. For this, you can go to the Apple menu and choose ‘system preferences.’ Then select the ‘Bluetooth’ option in the preferences panel. Locate and click on the Bluetooth device that you want to remove from your Mac. 

    Click the ‘x’ button to remove the device. This will enable your Mac to forget your Bluetooth device entirely and start detecting your Bluetooth device afresh. But this will make your Mac forget all previously connected devices, and they all will require to be repaired again.

    Step 7

    Connecting too many Bluetooth devices can cause a delay in connection or can drive troubleshooting. If you are trying to connect 3 or more devices all at once, it might cause connectivity issues. This can either lead to your Mac connecting only one or two of all devices or neither of them or connecting all and not functioning correctly by losing connection to one of the devices. 

    Step 8

    Give your Mac some rest. Continually trying to establish connectivity for hours might get your Mac all heated up. Shut it down entirely for half an hour or so, and then try again once you think that your Mac has had enough rest. 

    So these were the steps that you could follow to solve Bluetooth connectivity problems on your Mac. You can follow them in the given order, or you can pick anyone as per your convenience. 


    If you have more confusion regarding the ?how do I fix my Bluetooth on my mac? question, head on here. Some of these steps can be practiced regularly, such as keeping your Mac and Bluetooth device sufficiently charged to ensure their effective functioning at all times, shutting down your Mac after long hours of activity. All these steps can improve your device activity and won’t cause any connectivity problems in the long run.

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