Android devices are at risk!

    Recently, an overseas consumer research institute estimated that currently about 2/5 of Android devices no longer receive important security updates from Google. The specific number exceeds 1 billion units. They are facing huge risks brought by malware or security vulnerabilities and many software technology inc who are developing Android games and working on Android Applications are facing these issues too.

    Just like the PC system upgrade, Google is also continuously releasing new versions of the Android system, while phasing out the old Android system.?Currently the latest Android version is Android 10 (Android Q), basically the latest products of major mobile phone manufacturers have been upgraded to a new version of the operating system and game development based on Android 10.

    Android 10 features transform your phone included Dark Theme, Smart Reply in all messaging, enhanced location and privacy settings, incognito for Google Maps, Focus Mode, Live Captions, New Parental Controls, Edge-to edge gesture, Sending updates straight to your phone, Fit for foldables, It?ll be compatible with 5G, and many other more features and mandatory updates are included.

    At the same time, Google still provides the necessary security updates for the previous two versions of Android 9 (Pie) and Android 8 (Oreo), which means that smartphones and tablet devices using these two versions of the operating system are still being protected.

    But there are still a lot of older devices with earlier operating systems, such as Android 7 (Nougat) released in 2016 and earlier. In fact, many smartphones launched in 2017 are pre-installed with the Android 7 operating system, and a large part of them have not been supported by good system push. According to data released by Google last year, about 40% of active Android devices worldwide still use Android 6 or older.

    Since last year, Google has stopped providing security patches for Android 7.0 and older versions of Android.?This means that if you are using an Android phone purchased 3 years ago, then if the phone manufacturer is not strong enough and has not adapted the system of the old phone, then you will encounter a very large security risk.?

    At present, Google has provided at least three years of software update commitments for its Pixel smartphones, but for a large number of domestic mobile phone manufacturers that have modified based on the Android system, the system adaptation of the old models is not so active.?There are even some niche brands or manufacturers that will stop software support for older products for various reasons (mainly for cost reasons).

    In simple words, in case you’re using an old version of Android sooner than Android 8, you aren’t getting ordinary security updates any longer. Also, regardless of whether you’re remaining as modern as conceivable on a more seasoned rendition of the Android OS, there’s as yet an opportunity that there won’t be sufficient security assurances set up to shield you from progressively advanced malware and you?ll enjoy more secure advance feature with advance anti-virus protection from developer side.

    Therefore, for Android phone users, we recommend that you buy the main models of well-known brands, because when the system is updated, these products have the highest priority. At the same time, if you plan to buy accessories or repair, the cost of this model will be lower.


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