A Guide to Buying Forklift Parts

get forklift lights

Forklift lights are essential for forklift operators to be able to see their way inside dimly lit warehouses. It is possible to fit different types of warning lights on the mast and on the overheard guard of a forklift. Lights fitted in such areas of the forklift will remain safe from damage. Although such lights are still not compulsory as per OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) in the US, injuries and accidents in the warehouse can definitely be reduced using them. Employees will also feel confident while working for a company that deploys such forklifts.? ???

get forklift lights

Buy From a Recognized Vendor

A closer look at the parts available in the market will show many Taiwanese and Chinese companies selling forklift parts such as warning lights at dirt cheap rates. Irrespective of the selling company, every forklift operation must remember to be careful and choose a vendor who provides good service and good products. A logistics operation that attempts to get forklift lights will not want to contact the vendor again and again for repairs or replacement, would it? B2B companies should check with their references and verify company credentials through Internet and personal contacts.

Buying at Reasonable Prices

Prices for buying or renting forklift lights need to be decided before the deal, and reputed companies will be able to generate custom quotes for the same. Purchasing lights and other parts in large numbers will make companies eligible for bulk discounts.  It is not fair for any manufacturing company to jack up its rates higher than what is available in the market on an average.  Forklift transportation will be required all year, irrespective of whether there is recession or not.

Use the Internet to locate vendors who sell forklift parts, along with their reviews. It is not necessary that the vendor with the lowest price will also provide good quality parts. Companies may have to arrive at a common ground between price and quality levels. 

Importance of After Sales Service

Simply selling a product such as a forklift blue light is not enough; it must be backed up with supreme after sales services. When faced with a vendor who has been in the market for many years, he will have a strong network of suppliers to ensure that there is never a prolonged problem of missing parts. As a result of this, repairs will also be fast. Of course, with the vendor handling part requirements in a stress free manner, business owners will be able to concentrate on business expansion.   

Good quality parts will provide peace of mind over a very long time. In most cases, such vendor-customer relationships are for long term, and employees will also appreciate a company?s adherence to warehouse safety guidelines. 

Selecting Parts for Forklifts

It may not be apparent, but all forklifts have a wide variety of parts, and thereby regular part maintenance is necessary. Parts here generally have specified time periods for their lives, after which they have to be either repaired or changed. Forklift trucks are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, and are commonly seen throughout the construction industry. Forklift parts need to be bought through informed decisions, for which the following points are important:

  1. Finding the serial number– Each spare part may not be compatible with every forklift model.
    The match can be established by having a look at the part?s Serial Number. Note down this part number and use it to check with the parts vendor.
  2. What?s the mode of delivery? – While selecting the necessary forklift parts, remember to find out about product freight charges as well as delivery time. Finding the right type of part is only part of the job; the other half involves getting it delivered within the right time.
  3. Vendor Options– There is absolutely no need to choose the very first parts vendor who is found on the radar. Do take a look at other options as well, or else missing out on a better quality vendor may be detrimental in the long run. A comparison at every stage will certainly be helpful to zero in.      

All parts should be inspected on a daily basis. It is not a healthy practice to get a part repaired or replaced at the last minute. At the end of the day, safety inside the workplace is also important, and without proper lights, for example, both pedestrians and operators may be at risk.? Various lights can easily be retrofitted for older forklifts and still remain highly effective.

Check the Parts

Even after the part has arrived through courier, it is important to check it out properly. Although the reputed vendors will rarely ever provide defective parts, there are always chances of this happening a few times. Get the ordered light or radiator fitted on the forklift and check its operation. Ensure that the product serves the purpose that was promised online. 

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