DIY Oven Kits: How To Build A Brick Oven At Your Home?

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Ovens, which are first originated in Central Europe, have made their way into domestic homes because of their several uses. Though the appearance and the source of heat have changed in the modern ovens, traditional ovens are still popular for their power of giving a unique taste to the food.

Used for boiling, baking, cooking, and roasting various kinds of food, from veggies to meat, traditional ovens do a splendid job in satisfying your appetite by giving an earthy and smoky taste. So, if you want to build one at your home, then consider making a brick oven. 

Brick ovens are time-consuming and you will have to shed your pretty pennies. However, as there is a saying that ? ?great things come with a price?, you can have a traditional brick oven that can cook your food in gourmet style at the cost of your hard work. And that, we think you have loads of it.

So, we have written here step by step procedure which can lessen your effort. Without any further ado, let?s go dive into the topic:

1.Prepare for the foundation

Foundation is the primary structure of any building and the same applies tothe brick oven as well. Start digging the ground and create gravel by laying pebbles and concrete over it. Before doing it, make sure you know the size of the oven you want to have and accordingly dig the ground.

2. Build the brick walls

Now prepare a concrete mixture and start laying the bricks to a certain height. Make sure the mixture is at the right proportion as it will help your walls in not developing the cracks. This is the process that requires experience and practice. So, if you are a newbie, make sure to read instructions and steps on how to build the brick walls.

3. Construct the hearth

Now it?s time to construct the middle of the walls you built, which is known as the hearth. This is where you place the food to be cooked. Line the bricks one above the other sticking them with the concrete mixture.

4. Create the dome

The dome is what gives the shape of the oven you are building. Read the instructions properly or see multiple videos where you can create a dome without it falling apart. Or else, you can create a square-shaped dome as well by building it on a meshed plate. Whatever you do, make sure you are doing the process very carefully so that the constructed part is not crumbling.

5. Fill the walls with concrete

After building the total structure, start plastering the walls with a fine paste of concrete. It hides the brick walls and their shape. However, if you like the raw brick shape and colour, you can leave it as it is. 

If you think it is too much of a hassle for you to build an oven from scratch, you can take help from the DIY oven kits. They are pre-constructed and you just have to assemble as per the instructions given by the manufacturer.

Your brick oven is ready:

And just like that, after waterproofing it, your oven will be finally ready to use. Along with the oven, make sure you also barbeque stands. There isa various choice for you – from gas to charcoal barbeque stands, and you can select the one that complements with your brick oven. Altogether, they become a perfect weekend binge eating party with your closest family and friends.

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