Baseball Player Positions And Their Roles In The Game

    baseball player positions

    The baseball is a team sport in which, with the help of a bat, players have to hit the ball as far away from the defending team looking to step on each of the bases to reach home, the base where they started hitting, what which will translate into a point, better known as a career. 

    In the end, the team with the most runs scored will win. While a team is on offence, the defender on the field has nine players who will try to prevent rivals from scoring runs. 

    If you want to be the best player of baseball then you have to check an online quiz about baseball, with the help of this quiz you increase your knowledge about baseball. Here we explain the positions of baseball and the role of each of the players. 

    Pitcher (Pitcher or Pitch):

    The position assigned with number 1. He is in charge of throwing the ball from the mound to the receiver with the mission of removing the batter. The ball must pass through the strike zone three times or the batter misses trying to hit it to eliminate (out) a batter; otherwise, a bad ball will be scored. 

    Catcher (Receiver):

    Assigned with number 2, the receiver is placed behind the home plate and the batter, and its main function is to receive pitches from the pitcher, as well as those that the rivals, for any situation, do not decide to hit. 

    First baseman:

    Abbreviated as 1B, the first baseman is ranked number 3. Also known as the ?starter,? it is a highly required position in game development, as a good number of outs are recorded at that base, as he must catch the ball and touches the pad before the batter-runner calls it. 

    Second baseman: 

    Its abbreviation is 2B, while in the positions it is number 4. Defend the base furthest from the plate, the one that runners usually steal for the same situation. 

    Third baseman:

    Also known as ?third baseman?, the position is abbreviated as 3B, and in the field, it is in position number 5. He is in charge of preventing batted balls from going to left field, hits that regularly shoot with great force, which is why the third base is considered “the hot corner .” 

    Short field, (Shortstop): 

    Located between second and third base, shortstop, short for SS and number 6 player on the field, is a player who plays an important defensive role due to the large space he covers and his distance from first base

    Left fielder:

    Located behind the grass, the left fielder is tasked with catching the hits that are heading in his direction, the outer left corner of the field, mainly the highs before they hit the field of play. 

    Center fielder: 

    Also tasked with catching the high hits and stopping the ground out from giving the runner a chance to get more bases, the center-back covers most of the ground for all outfielders. It is in charge of coordinating the communication and positioning of the gardeners on the playing field.

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