How To Build A Ready-Made Multi-Services App Solution

You have found just the right guide to help you develop and launch the most perfect Multi-Services App Like Gojek. Here, you will find easy and simple steps to build the app launch the App on Google App Store, iOS? App Stores, and even Huawei App. but before we start the guide, let’s take a closer look at what this Multi-Service App is and why Entrepreneurs go Ga-Ga over them.?


These are the Pre-Built Apps that have already been designed, coded, and perfected to every inch. 

Expert App Developers have made the base app, which is then rebranded and customized according to Entrepreneur?s business needs. Unlike other Apps, these Apps offer more than just one service. They offer 70+ On-Demand Services including Online Taxi Booking Services, transport, and logistics, On-Demand Delivery from Stores, hiring On-Demand Providers, and more.?

The Expert App Developers rebrand this base app with your Company?s Name and Logo. They also change the color theme of the App and the Web Panel as well. So, in a nutshell, these Apps are Pre-Built and Ready-To-Launch in the Market. 

Simply Rebrand the App, Customize it, and Launch it!


Okay, so coming to answering your question, ?How to Build the App?? Well, the process is as easy as a pie. The only condition that applies is that only a Well-Established and Experienced White-Labeling Firm can only offer you the convenience of building the app and launching it in 1 to 2 Weeks! 

Take the Free Demo App Trial 

The first step is to take the trial of the Demo Apps for Free! Trying the Apps will help the Entrepreneur learn what the App is, what it does, and what potentials does it hold. Moreover, before purchasing the App, you would have tested it in a real environment! So, No Regrets! 

Want to Customize it? 

Once you have tried the Gojek Clone Demo Apps, you will come to know what customizations you want. So, while you are still trying the Apps for Free, note your customization needs that will suit the demands of your targeted audience.?

Discuss your needs and Purchase the App 

The next thing is to discuss your needs with the White-Labeling Experts and when you feel 100% satisfied, purchase the App using Payment Milestones! With Payment Milestones, the Entrepreneur doesn?t have to worry about paying the entire package amount in one go. 

They can make the payments as and when the products are delivered to them!  

Review and Approve the Apps 

Now, the App Developers will start working on your App. They will customize and rebrand it just the way you want them to. From adding features to creating your service basket, and more, everything happens at this stage. After the Android and iOS Apps, Admin Panels, and Web Panels are made, everything will be uploaded to the Development Server of the Firm for your review and approval. 

It is only after your approval that the App Development team will move to the final step! 

Launch your Gojek Clone App 

Finally, the team will go ahead and launch the Apps on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and even Huawei App Store if you want to! With the commitment of remarkable support, the team will assist you even if your Apps are rejected due to some technical issues. 


Smart Entrepreneurs, are you ready to build an App that brings you humongous profits and glory at the same time? Take the first step towards building a Multi-Billion Dollar Company, that is, discussing the App with the Multi-Services App Like Gojek White Labeling Experts!?

Rake in Profits right from Day 1 of the App by launching a highly optimized, mature, and market-tested app.