How Technology Has Influenced Pet Care Industry

Every pet owner knows how important it is to take good care of a pet. Going to the vet regularly is important but today, that is not all that you can do. Technology has brought major improvements to the pet care industry. This is good news since we love relying on technology and it can help you take better care of your pet and keep it healthy and safe. So, let?s see how technology has influenced the pet care industry. 


Pet healthcare is one of the biggest parts of the industry that technology has affected. There are more and more new devices and equipment that can help in healthcare which further increases the age expectancy of pets. Additionally, we today have online medical assistance and it has helped many pet owners to get immediate help to save and help their pets. Plus, new equipment and technology now assist with surgeries, and major surgeries have been converted to laparoscopic procedures and now we can treat our pets better and safely. 


The safety of our pets is our priority, and many pet owners struggle with pets getting away. A great majority of owners also fear that their pet might go missing and that is why they decide to get tracking devices and other means of locating their pets at all times. Microchipping is quite common and it is often mandatory. It is a pain-free procedure and it gets inserted in the pet?s neck. Additionally, technology has advanced and today we have additional means of tracking our pets. One such thing is a cute little accessory for their collars in a form of smart tags. Such tags can be connected to your smartphone and you can always know where your pet is in case it escapes before you have to check the location on its microchip. Extra security is always welcome. 


It is known that it is not possible to take your pet everywhere you go. This means that sometimes they have to stay home alone. It is an anxious moment for both of you but technology has helped with that too. More and more pet owners are simply installing security webcams connected to their phones so they can always check on their pets when away. This provides extra security for your home, and it can help you check on your pet and make sure they are always safe while they are alone. 

Smart Toys

It sometimes happens that you simply don?t have enough time to play with your pet, or you are away. Your pet can get needy or anxious because they do need attention and playtime. And this problem seems to be solved with technology which brought us smart toys for pets. Such toys can be controlled via your phone and you can always keep your pet active when you?re not there. There is a variety of smart toys in a shape of a bone or ball that will keep your pet engaged and it can provide a great interactive play time for them, keeping them fit, too. 

Automatic Dispensers 

Water and food can never be forgotten when your pets are in question. Not even when you?re away. Technology has thought about that, too, and today we have automatic water and food dispensers. There are so many great models of these dispensers out there and they all have some great features. You can easily get water and food dispensers and set up their schedules to make sure your pet always has fresh water and food. This is also great when you are absent from home a lot so you never have to worry about the availability of water and food when they are alone. 


If you have a dog or even a cat, you are familiar that they need a lot of exercise in order to burn off extra energy and stay healthy. Thanks to technology, today you can track their fitness as you would track yours and always make sure they are healthy. Today we have Fitbit for dogs that collect data that you can utilize to keep the pet healthy and even in shape. Besides that, we even have indoor dog treadmills that can help them burn the energy off even when you cannot go outside for a walk. 

Technology has influenced many industries with its advances, and pet care is not an exception. Thanks to tech advances we can now take much better care of our pets. We can provide them with more safety, more health care, and even better and more active play.