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Most of us already spoil our pets whether you have a dog, cat, parrot, reptile, etc. The question is how can we deny them? After all, they are all, very good boys and girls because they tend to follow all our commands, mostly when they see us holding a treat to bribe them.  

Every pet owner will probably name a tech gadget they can?t do without and a lot of them agree on research conducted by Rangersdog.com that these high tech gadgets have made life easier for them as pet parents and safer for their pets too. 

This century has given birth to a tonne of high-tech pet gadgets that make our old school stuffed animals look rather lame. It?s hard to believe how we managed all those years without pet cameras, cooling collars, hands-free leashes for dog runners, pet trackers for both cats and dogs, laser toys. 

If you’re the type of pet lover who enjoys indulging a cat or dog, then you’ll love what we’ve asked our representative research group.

Pet Trackers 

We asked Carol, from Buskerscat.com what they consider a cat?s ultimate top gadget and she mentioned a cat tracker. We will make you aware that dogs have trackers too but we thought the group that might benefit more with a tracker are cats since domestic cats have a habit of disappearing for hours and even days and as a result, causing panic to their owners even though they are microchipped. Microchips are only useful for identifying a cat when found and this data can only be read by a vet through scanners therefore not useful if a cat is lost. According to Carol, most cat owners inherently understand that cats are highly independent. However, because we genuinely care for our beloved cats we track their movements mainly because of the dangers outside our control like road traffic. Unlike microchips, most cat trackers have GPS locators that can be fitted on collars and because they are not bulky, cats feel comfortable wearing them. 

A lot of data can be collected on your smartphone apps of their routes, whereabouts, health state & the amount of exercise they have done and as such can be shared with the vet in case of weight management issues. 

Therefore, just like we have become obsessed with tracking our every step with gadgets like Fitbit, pedometers, iwatch, we are now offering the same for our pets but for a practical reason for reuniting lost pets with us.

Pet Cameras

Photo by Alejandro Sotillet on Unsplash

We have become a nosey nation to the extent that we now have indoor dog cameras to check on what our dogs are up to while we are at work or have gone to a party for the night or on a short break? The team at Simba Digital suggested this product as most of their employees have dogs at home and are allowed to bring them in on a Friday if they so wish. By the way, little gets done when the dogs are around. What happens to these dogs Monday to Thursday? How do you monitor your dog when you are required to work all week? Two products stood out from their employees: Petcube & Furbo allow you to do all of that and more to the extent that some have got treat launchers to keep the dog happy. One thing about the Furbo is the feature of bark warning which can alert you of your dog?s distress because of something more serious like housebreaking or that it needs to out for toileting in the garden which will then allow you to either open the door hatch for it to go do its business safely even with you being remote. In simple terms, pet cameras are pretty much a glorified surveillance camera. In short, your workdays are a problem for your dogs but not anymore. 

Interactive dog toys

I have yet to see a dog that gets tired of fetching a toy! My dog likes going for walkies mainly because of the fun of running around for a ball and more often than not it would be a tennis ball. This 3rd suggestion was from the team at GeekCubes and it corresponds to one of the best activities for dogs. iFetch will cannon a ball up to 30 feet away with a push of a button. You can see why it has been picked for this article, it’s very user friendly even for people with limited abilities. All you need to do is sit on a bench or an open field and fire it out in various directions and let your dog do some exercise.?

Pet Drinking Water fountains  

Photo by Seyi Ariyo on Unsplash

Cats are known to be fussy drinkers and more or less tend to ignore their water bowl and go straight to the bathroom or kitchen sink and drink from a running tap or even use streams to quench their thirst which in some cases are not very hygienic and causing them to ingest worms.

So when the JRT Montefiore Amateur Breeding team sent us this suggestion which they say works well with their cats as well as dogs in the kennels we decided it would make the list. Pet friendly cat water fountains can be found on Amazon and their main features include fresh clean filtered water and even better it comes with different water actions to mimic natural sources like bubbles, waterfalls and can appeal even to the pickiest drinkers.  

Dog Cooling pads  

Summer time can be a challenging time for humans especially countries that enjoy the four seasons. For example in Britain, RSPCA, a dog welfare charity, advises people not to leave their dogs in cars on a hot summer day. If you spot a dog locked in a car and the owner is out of sight and you are concerned you need to call 999 as the dog could suffer from heatstroke which is deadly if not addressed quickly. Anyway, even when you are out and about or in the house having a dog cooling mat can help your dog keep cool. Dog cooling mats were suggested by Ben, an IT specialist who runs a small business web hosting service team in London. 

?Our offices are glass all round and when the sun strikes through it, it turns into a proper oven and since I bring my dog to work, I found that having a gel dog cooling mat helped my dog cool down quickly and even enjoy a snooze without overheating?. 

Final thoughts

There are various other cool pet gadgets in the market and since we had to narrow them down to 5 we do believe that one shoe doesn’t fit all. Please comment below and let us know what other gadgets you would consider for your pets and reasons. For now, we hope these 5 products will make your life easier and pets happier.


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