How do I sell a guest post?

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For selling the guest post you have to do more stuff. Because it is a quite simple rule that if you want to ask for money for something you need to provide value to your client. So here we have all material in this post that will help you to make some money through selling the guest post. There are several sites available on the internet that pay you for your post. So follow the article and apply it if you want the most out of it. Guest post services are also a good source of providing good SEO benefits as well.

Use all details on your article: 

First, you have to write an article that includes every bit of information regarding your niche. Selling guest posts is the same as selling the content. If you have good writing skills then it helps you financially. So here you have your best weapon that is your content. You can understand it in this way, whenever someone enters your article he would be benefited by your detailed information. This should be your motive. If a user finds whatever he needs from your article then why would he go on some other sites? This is the first step to write informative, valuable, actionable content. 

Use media on your article:  

If you write a long content with every single bit of information that will help you no doubt. But in most cases you users never read the full content if they some difficulty reading. Then your detailed content is never going to help you. That is why you need a better solution for this. Here for better guest post services you need as much as possible relative images and videos in your article. After including images and videos your user will not find any difficulty reading your article. And at the same time, every guest post services provider will encourage such type of content on websites. But here you have to be aware of your images and videos? relevancy with the content. 

Ask for guest posting sites: 

In selling the guest post firstly you have to work with SEO properly. In this process you need backlinks and for that, you have to request some sites that accept guest posts on their sites. You have to find some relevant websites that have fine expertise in the same field in which you working on. Once you request them with your content they will surely allow you to the guest post. It would get successful when you write content that provides value.?

How to use outbound links:

Here the main goal of your guest post. That is building backlinks for your websites. Here you have to be aware of your client?s guidelines policies for guest posts. If he allows for two outbound links in your content then you can use one for redirecting any page. And the other one for the homepage. But if allowing only for one outbound link then you should use on writer section. At the end of your article, you can add a writer section where you can use an outbound link. That redirects the potential audience to your homepage. From this process, your website?s search engine ranking will increase, and you can grab the first-page position.

Ask for money for a guest post: 

Now at this point where you use all steps. Then there are high chances that you would get a high domain authority in three to months. After reaching that position most users will know you. then charging the guest post would be much much easier for you. People will charge on the basis of your expertise. At the same time, you can use some other digital marketing services to make yourself more popular on social media

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