Scholarship opportunities and how can they help you in your educational expenses

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Every student aims to attain a career where they can use their skills and climb the ladder of success and either help organization to uplift their growth or start a venture of their own. And in order to do so the first requirement is educational qualification. It is imperative for the students to have substantial knowledge to fulfil their dreams or to get a grip in the job market. But let us face the sad truth education doesn?t come for free, contrary to that the fees of higher education are becoming increasingly expensive and is more of burden on the students and their family. And in such cases scholarship opportunities can be a blessing. 

Surely financial assistance is a necessity for many students who want to pursue a course which requires longer years for their completion or are beyond the undergraduate level. And scholarship opportunities are the most desired for of financial aid, as unlike the grants and student loan which come as the alternate options, the students don?t have to repay the scholarship amount.  Besides scholarships are considered prestigious and are counted as achievements. Hence the mention of scholarships also helps in enhancing the resume of the students.

So, if we try to divide the benefits of scholarship opportunities, they will stand as: 

Financial, needless to say this is the very intended benefit which students are on a look out for. Even if the scholarship doesn?t cover all the expenses it can cut down or limit the burden. But there are also full scholarship opportunities which allows the student to complete their education for free. This helps them to focus on their studies instead of stressing on their fee payments. 

Educational, the benefit here is that students can take long term courses, and even get into medical schools and other high-end programs which. Also, it is seen that that the chances of dropping out from college reduces as the scholarship opportunities holds the fort for them. Also, in many cases it is important to maintain the grades to keep continuing the scholarship benefits. So naturally the students try to retain the best possible grades. 

Next in the list of benefits is career, as mentioned earlier earning scholarships presents the students as more attractive candidate. Getting a scholarship involves a tough competition and employers are aware of that. And scholarship opportunities which are merit based are given an impression that the one holding that is talented, competitive and focused. 

And coming to the last set of benefits it is personal, getting scholarships uplifts the confidence and morale of the students, it is a motivational factor to do well in the academics. Also, it teaches the students to be self-sufficient and independent. Also, as they are not burdened with the college fee payment, they can take up other courses or trainings, which students often can?t take up due to financial constraints. Students are often seen to avoid educational trips and other such opportunities as it adds on an extra amount on the educational cost. 

Now let us come to the next question what are the types of scholarships?

There are varied types of scholarships opportunities. Government scholarships, college and university scholarships, scholarship from private and non- profit organizations etc. There are also international scholarships which allows the students to study abroad or so to say anywhere around the globe. Depending on the amount and the norms the coverage of the scholarships might differ. Mostly these financial aids are to cover the study related expenses including the tuition fee, textbooks and other equipment. Some scholarships also include accommodation, travel and relocation cost. Certainly, all these scholarship opportunities are meant to foster the dreams of the students. 

Scholarships in Uganda

Scholarships in Uganda are available for Ugandan students as well as for other developing countries to study in Uganda and even abroad. Scholarships are awarded at different course levels- undergraduate, postgraduate, and research or postdoctoral programs. The government comes up with scholarships for Ugandan students which are primarily merit based, and requires fulfillment of certain educational requirement. 

Thus, if you are planning to strike the dart right on the goal you have to be able to full fil the requirements. Furst of all find out which scholarship would suit your endeavors the best, and how much coverage are they allowing. Next is to work on the requirements and if you are qualified to apply as soon as the scholarship opportunities are open. Other than the grants and scholarships offered by the government, the colleges are trying to find their own innovative ways to support the students to follow their dreams and not give up their educational endeavors. 

For example, Cavendish University Uganda is offering all its students discount on fees for the August term, the 2020 pandemic has impacted the livelihood of many across the country and in order to lighten the burden the college is offering the students a discount on the fee for both the existing and new intake on the fees. Not just that the college is also trying to help the students with other requirements such as purchase of devices, internet connectivity etc., as the education has been moved online and these are the need of the hour. 

The CUU Genral Student Discount as it is termed is for sure a great support for the students to manage their educational expenses during the existing tough times and the economic crisis. Also, the discount is available for all the registered courses in the college and for all the three modes of education which are the campus based, distance learning and the working adult mode. 

Indeed, this is a noble step to help the students, as the educational expenses are going fiercely high day by day such offers by the colleges and other scholarship opportunities are extremely helpful. Also, as the number of short term and online courses are readily available and are becoming increasingly popular, this financial assistance also motivates the students to take up long term and research-based studies, and it also makes education accessible for many.?

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