What will these top cybersecurity certifications get you?

    top cybersecurity certifications

    Cybersecurity is indubitably one of the most demanded skills of the 21st century. If you are looking to build a career in this promising discipline, you should definitely familiarise yourself with the opportunities offered by this field, and the process needed to grab them. Here are the most famous, internationally recognised certifications by EC-Council that will pave your golden way to become a revered cybersecurity professional in the world.

    CND certification

    Network defence is about security your parameters from bad actors and unwanted traffic. The Certified Network Defender certification provides you with the necessary skills needed to apply a holistic security strategy on an organisation’s network parameters including the devices used by the employees. As a CND specialist, you will learn network operations, security tools, traffic analysis, flaw detection, incident response, and many more.

    How to obtain: Enrol yourself in the CND course, and clear the CEH and CEH (practical) exam.

    CEH certification

    Certified ethical hacker certification is the most important certification in cybersecurity as ethical hacking is one of the main branches of cybersecurity. To beat a hacker, you need to think like one and ethical hacking will teach you how to perform penetration testing from scratch on a system. With this certification as an arrow in your quiver, you can help organisations find and fix security vulnerabilities in their systems and help them avoid cyber attacks, data breaches and other unwelcome incidents.?

    How to obtain: Enrol yourself in the CEH course, and clear the CEH and CEH (practical) exam.

    CPENT certification

    One of the latest introductions by EC-Council, the CPENT certifications is a must-have for ethical hackers. This designation will cement your value as an expert penetration tester in the cybersecurity world. Short for the Certified Penetration Testing Professional, this certificate program takes you through a rigorous training and a formidable exam aimed to prepare you for the harsh, real-world challenges in penetration testing. 

    How to obtain: Enrol yourself in the CPENT course, and clear the CPENT exam. Scoring more than 90% will earn you an extra LPT (Master) certification.

    CHFI certification

    Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator certification is one of the most important certifications in the forensic branch of cybersecurity. With the ever-increasing number of cyber attacks, there is a huge demand for professionals who are adept in investigating cyber crimes and bringing the perpetrators to justice. The CHFI certification will allow you to get a job in government, military, banking and many other industries where a forensic investigator is required to carry out a post-attack analysis, to recover lost data, to extract evidence that holds valid in the court of law, and other post-attack operations.

    How to obtain: Enrol yourself in the CHFI course, and clear the CHFI exam.

    ECIH certification

    An ECIH certification is in heavy demand these days simply because of the heavy number of nefarious ransomware attacks happening all around the globe. As an EC-Council Certified Incident Handler certification holder, you will be an expert in handling cyber attack incidents in a manner that minimises any losses for the victim. A cyber attack, whether it is a ransomware or a data breach, costs organisations millions of dollars in revenue, reputation and other costs. Not only will this certificate course teach you how to manage post-breach situations effectively, but you will also learn how to help the victim organisation recover from the attack and frame policies for it to the future.

    How to obtain: Enrol yourself in the ECIH course, and clear the ECIH exam.

    In a nutshell, all of the above cybersecurity certifications are your golden tickets to a thriving career in the cybersecurity sector. 


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