10 Amazing & Handy Home D?cor Hacks for Revamping Your Place

    home d?cor hacks

    It will be hard to find a person who doesn?t want to live in a nicely furnished and designed home. It?s true that super luxury apartments in Mumbai cannot be afforded by everyone, but you can still make your seemingly ordinary home much more appealing. Wondering how? By using this amazing, handy, and affordable home decor hacks. You can effortlessly try them in your place and boost its look and aesthetic appeal. These amazing tricks are not only convenient to use but they?ll increase its value as well.

    Let?s take a look at them:

    Transform an Old Ladder into a Shoe Rack

    You can make a beautiful shoe rack by utilizing your old ladder. Just place your old ladder in an empty spot and Voila! Your shoe rack is all good to use. However, you must choose the location wisely.

    Make Vases with Your Teapots

    Another super easy hack for making flower vases for your home is by using your old and extra teapots. These vases won’t only look good but they?re super cute as well because of their chubby shape. Simply paint your old teapots in metallic hues using spray paints and once they dry, use them wherever you want.

    Wheelbarrow Cooler

    An amazing and cool hack that will come quite handy for your summer cocktail parties is by making a cooler. If you have a wheelbarrow in your house, then you can readily transform it into a cooler for your beers. Simply paint your wheelbarrow, fill it with ice and it will serve as an awesome cooler for your parties. Also, if you want to give your party a little rustic touch, the original condition of the wheelbarrow will be just fine.

    Use Necklace as a Tieback

    What can be more pretty than a sparkly tieback for your curtains? Simply use any of your old necklaces and use it as a tieback for your curtains. This simple d?cor hack will readily give your place a glamorous look.

    Turn Your Suitcase into a Portable Bar

    Make use of your old worn out suitcase that is no longer needed, and  turn it into a handy bar. All you have to do is to place it on an empty table stand and use it as a bar. Display your liquor collection in this trendy bar of yours that you can proudly show-off as your own creation. This isn?t all, the best part of this cool suitcase bar is that it?s portable and you can easily move it wherever you want.

    Give Your Place a Touch of Greenery

    Put your old cracked or broken cups, mugs and jars into use and place them succulents in them. Use them to give your place a fresher and greener feel. Additionally, succulents are super easy to maintain as they don?t need watering often, therefore, you don?t have to worry about them.

    Turn Your Old and Worn Out Fireplace into a Rustic One

    If you have a fireplace in your house, you can refurbish it to give your place an overall new look. Simply repaint your bricks into their original reddish texture to make your fireplace look rustic. Similarly, paint the mantle and use it for displaying your artifacts.

    Use Command Hooks as Curtain Holder Hooks

    Using command hooks as holders to hold the rods of your curtains. This hack is quite handy, as it will do much more than making your curtains look good. Because when you use command hooks, you don?t have to drill holes in your walls to fix the curtain holders. Simply put, these hooks will give your place a classy look.

    Paint the Sides of Your Doors and Drawers

    Another simple yet innovative way to give your place a new look is by painting the sides of your doors and drawers. You can simply pick any vibrant colour and use it to paint the sides of your door. Similarly, use different colours to paint the sides of the drawers of your Chester. This way, you?ll be able to give your room a subtle touch of colour.

    Create an Accent Wall

    A great and patent way of bringing life into any place is by creating an accent wall. Even if all your walls are in neutral shades, a single accent wall will transform your place into a colourful and vibrant one. There are many ways using which you can make an accent wall. You can simply choose a wall and paint in a catchy colour or you can apply a lively wallpaper on one.

    These are some simple and quite easy home d?cor hacks that will help in changing your place from a dull and boring to a vibrant and lively one. Irrespective of the fact you live in any of the 2 & 3 BHK flats in Mulund or a studio in Versova, you can easily use these tips to revamp your place.

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