Hire Various Electrician: Get Help for All The Electrical Problems At Your Homes And Offices

Hiring an electrical contractor can be challenging. You cannot leave the task in the hands of an amateur. The internet is the best place to look for electrical contact, and before hiring them, you should always check for their qualifications and skills before handing them over the tasks. But an important aspect that you must not miss when looking for an electrician is their specialization. There are different types of electricians, and they are qualified to handle a particular task with excellence.

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Different Types of Basic Electrician

While having trouble with a small issue in the circuit we tend to call the general electrical professional. Sometimes they might not be experts in that specific task because it is not their job. The basic difference between these electrical workers is based on where they work:

  • Outside Electricians ? They are also known as linemen. Whenever there is electrical work about high voltage, a lineman is the right person to contact. They work at the power stations and the power distribution site. Their work also includes checking whether the substation is equipped enough to handle high voltage supply. 
  • Inside Electricians ? These are the wiremen who look after the indoor electrical work. They work on systems at a lower voltage. Wiremen can handle wiring inside the building, repair electrical systems, and wiring maintenance. 

Electricians Based on Certification Levels

You need to get a professional certification program for any electrical contractor that wants to professional render electrical services

  • Apprentice ? When anelectrician starts their journey as an electrician, they must undergo a training program. To start with the apprentice program, one must have a diploma or an equivalent degree.  Also, one needs to undergo hours of classroom training before starting their work professionally. Also, one must complete 3-6 years of the apprenticeship program. Once you are through with the apprenticeship program, you can work under an experienced electrical contractor. 
  • Journeyman ? Once you have completed the apprenticeship program, an electrical contractor starts the journey as a journeyman. But to be a journeyman, one must have a license from the local body. Every state has different regulations for the same, so you must check with the local authorities about this requirement. These people are licensed and are perfect for doing petty jobs with electrical circuits in small unit areas.
  • Master Electrician ? They must have complete knowledge about the electrician system. One has to complete around 4000 hours of working as an electrical contractor. One also needs to get the license stating that they can now operate as a master electrician. For dealing with the electrical blueprint and the building plan of a huge area only such exerts are needed.

Electricians Based On Specialization

As mentioned in the beginning, there are electricians based on specialization. The following section highlights the same:

  • Industrial Electricians ? They are usually employed at big processing units, manufacturing units, mines, and power plants. Industrial electricians work on installing and troubleshooting the electrical equipment at these places.
  • Maintenance Electrician ? The contracts are employed with maintenance work in the industry or commercial sector. They do the repair and maintenance tasks. To work as maintenance electrical, one has to get an apprenticeship and job training.
  • Auto Electrician ? They work on the electrical component of the vehicle. They have expertise in the electrical circuit of the vehicle. Whether it?s the air conditioning, the lighting, or other electrical functionality of the car, an auto electrician will take care of it.
  • Commercial Electrician ? An electrician involved with the electrical of commercial places like a retail store. They work on the designing and planning of the electrical system.
  • Residential Electrician ? These electrical contracts are involved in the electrical work system in the home. It can be as small as fixing the lighting or complete wiring of the entire house.

This brief information on the types of an electrician will help you make the right decision when hiring an electrical contractor for your task.?So, the next time you are looking for an electrician, make sure that you connect with one who has the specialization.

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