Top Areas to Rent/Sale an Apartment in Sharjah

apartments for rent in Sharjah

Sharjah is one of the best emirates in the UAE for family vacations. The emirate, located north of Dubai, can be considered the cultural capital of the UAE. Living in Sharjah can be enjoyable because of the abundance of beautiful places and entertainment options. Furthermore, there are numerous entertainment venues for people of all ages and multiple apartments for rent in Sharjah, UAE.

If you intend to relocate to the emirate, you should know the best places to live in Sharjah for your renting or selling purpose. You have the option of renting apartments and villas with plenty of space and reasonable rents.

Here I have compiled a list of Sharjah area names for you to consider when choosing a place to rent or sale in Sharjah.

Al Taawun

It is a bustling district near the Dubai-Sharjah border. You will not be mistaken if you consider it one of the best places to stay in Sharjah. There are many affordable apartments for rent in Al Taawun.

apartments for rent in Sharjah

Many of the apartments have ground-floor shops and supermarkets. Because of its family-friendliness, many expatriates prefer to stay in the district, and its popularity is growing by the day. Your family will benefit greatly from renting an apartment in Sharjah Al Taawun. Al Taawun also has a great outdoor life.

Al Nahda

Al Nahda is close to Dubai, and because of its strategic location, people find it convenient to stay in Al Nahda and commute to Dubai for work. In this way, an Al Nahda residence can provide people with the best of both cities.

There are various apartments in high-rise towers, each with its amenities and suitable for both families and singles. In the vicinity of Al Nahda Sharjah flats, you will find medical facilities, schools, supermarkets, and entertainment zones.


Because it is located on the outskirts of Sharjah, it is a quieter suburb. Low-rise buildings with three to seven floors can be found in Muwaileh. It is also well-known for having Sharjah apartments for reasonably priced rent.

Although its neighborhood is less developed than other areas of Sharjah, it is home to some of the best schools in the city, including Delta English School and Brilliant International Private School. Popular supermarkets, such as Nesto Hypermarket and Al Mawal Supermarket, stock all of the necessities for your family.

Al Majaz

Al Majaz is a busy district in Sharjah located along the Buhaira Corniche. It is unusual because it allows you to see the clear scenic water, which makes it popular with renters.

In addition, there are schools, nurseries, supermarkets, restaurants, and shopping malls. It is also a popular tourist destination, with Mamzar Beach, the Eye of the Emirates, and the Al Majaz Waterfront.

Apartment for Rent/Sale in Sharjah

  1. Wadi Al Safa Real Estate
  2. The best residential location in the Al Taawun area.
  3. 20 days free
  4. Bright spacious one-bedroom apartment with balcony, wardrobe, master bedroom, gym, pool, and children’s play area\
  • Al Hoor Building, Muwailih Commercial, Sharjah
  • The stay here costs AED 34,999 yearly.
  • The first 45 days of stay is free.
  • The apartment includes 2 lavish bedroom, 3 bathrooms, American style Kitchen and wardrobes
  • Sahara Tower 2, Sahara Towers, Al Nahda, Sharjah
  • The apartment costs AED 55,000 yearly.
  • It includes 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a balcony.
  • Al Majaz 1, Al Majaz, Sharjah
  • The cost is AED 58,000 yearly.
  • The apartment includes 2 spacious bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a balcony


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