HCG Diet Plan Food List For Weight Loss

HCG diet drops
HCG diet drops

Though FDA claims the HCG diet is dangerous and not recommended for its hazardous effects on the body, it is becoming famous. HCG refers to human chorionic gonadotropin which is a pregnancy hormone. The hormone is released during pregnancy by the placenta which works in controlling weight. HCG diet is a weight loss plan which is done with HCG supplements, hormone injections, or tablets involving low calories diet.  There is no legal permission in the USA for selling HCG drops for weight loss while they are allowed for treating infertility in women.  The HCG diet drops are believed to help in losing weight faster than the actual time required. Research tells that undernourished women give birth to healthy children as the stored fat is used in creating energy for the children. HCG diet includes HCG supplements, HCG hormone injections or tablets along with following HCG diet plan food list. The eating plan is prepared with an aim to assist people in losing considerable weight in a very short period of three to seven weeks. Per day the diet plan helps in losing two pounds which is much greater in amount.  The hormones in the body are transformed from fat into energy due to extreme low-calorie food intake. 

The HCG diet is categorized into three phases namely; the loading phase, the weight loss phase, and the maintenance phase. Let’s understand each phase in detail.

  • The loading phase as the name suggests claims to make the body ready during the calorie restriction during the weight loss phase.  In this phase, people can eat almost anything and in any amount.  High fat and high-calorie foods are consumed.  During this period simultaneously, HCG injections or supplements are also started. The normal fat cells are stored and the abnormal fat cells are burned by the body at this phase. 
  • Weight loss phase – The people adhering to the plan continue with the supplements or injections along with eating only 500 calories per day. The 500 to 800 calories are divided over the day into two meals.  This lasts for 3 to 6 weeks according to one’s weight loss goals following HCG Diet Plan Food List.
  • The diet for breakfast includes coffee or tea with stevia or saccharine as sweeteners.
  • Only one tablespoon of milk is allowed per day which can be added to tea or coffee. The two meals include chicken, egg whites, crab, lobsters, beef, bison, and white fish for lean protein intake. 
  • With lean protein, cabbage, spinach, lettuce, chard, celery, cauliflower, tomatoes, onion shallots, radishes, broccoli, asparagus are allowed as vegetables. Coffee, tea, water are allowed while oils, sugar, butter needs to be avoided. 
  • Very few fruits are allowed during the HCG diet such as citrus fruits, berries, apples which can be consumed twice a day one at lunch and the other at dinner.
  •  Meats and vegetables’ taste is enhanced with herbs and spices like rosemary,  pepper, salt, garlic, lemon juice,  thyme.  Food tastes better with interesting flavors. 
  • HCG diet doesn’t include dairy products like cheese, ice cream, yogurt, or milk more than one tablespoon. Also, calories and carbohydrates are strictly limited. Muffins, cakes, bread, pasta, grains, and high carbohydrates food are not allowed at dinner and lunch. They tend to increase weight and affect health negatively. 
  • Soda, alcohol, beer, wine increases weight considerably which can affect the HCG diet plan negatively. While beverages like coffee and tea are acceptable.  Sweets and desserts should be avoided as it has a lot of calories.  Candies, cakes, cookies are high in calories.  The calorie deficit is very effective as it forces the body to enter into starvation mode. This burns muscles and the stored fat.  The muscle mass is kept maintained during the calorie restriction diets with exercise.  In an HCG diet plan, the fat is triggered for energy and not for muscle making exercising less required. 
  • The maintenance phase is the last phase where the adherents stop taking HCG supplements or injections. They increase food intake but control sugar and starch for three weeks. 

While there are side effects of the HCG diet such as headaches, there are immense positive results too. At the official HCG Diet store, you can buy HCG diet drops or injections over the counter. The store has many customers who want to lose body fat. 


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