6 Best methods to do Hair Spa at home!!!

    Undoubtedly, sometimes hair can be hard to manage by just following a basic hair care routine. Sometimes this basic hair care routine doesn?t help. Despite the regular shampoo, our hair needs more than that. Thus, a rejuvenating experience can help in bringing back shiny touch to your hair and nothing is better than the?Hair Spa at Home.?

    With the best hair spa treatments, it helps in restricting the hair and it makes your hair smoother as well as softer. Usually, a hair spa helps in nourishing your hair and thus improves your hair quality and it reduces common hair issues too. 

    Here we have explained the best Hair Spa treatment at Home and these are listed below:?

    It mainly doesn?t matter what your hair type is? With the help of a hair spa, you can get a gorgeous lock, and also you can do the hair spa treatments at your home without any hassle? Moreover, the ladies can save their time as well as money by doing hair spa at home. In order to get started, we have a step-by-step guide for you.

    1: Massage your Hair with oil:

    You can start doing your hair spa with an oil massage to nourish your hair and stimulate the blood flow to the scalp. It is completely your choice that which hair oil you want to choose for doing the hair massage. 

    You can either make use of olive oil, almond oil, or some other oil for doing the hair massage. These are great options since they are good for hair and are easily available in the market. Both the healthy fats and the nutrients in these oils help you in nourishing your hair. You just need to gently massage your hair scalp and it helps in relaxing you and also reduces stress which is the most common cause of hair stress and you start becoming losing your hair. 

    2: Steam your hair:

    The next step that you can use for a hair spa is to steam your hair to make the nutrients from the oil and then penetrate your hair cuticle properly. You can make use of a steamer if you need to blow a little bit of steam to your hair. 

    You just need to dip a towel in some bowl of hot water and then squeeze out the excess water and then wrap your head with a towel. However, if you feel that the towel feels cold then you can dip it in hot water again and limit the amount of time to 10-15 minutes in order to steam your hair. 

    3: Wash and Condition:

    Once you are done with steaming your hair, then the next step is to wash your hair with a suitable natural hair cleanser. You just make use of only lukewarm water for this step. When washing your hair with hot water can weaken the hair roots and thus can cause dandruff and itchy scalp problems. 

    So, it?s better to use a conditioner and then wash it off. After washing your hair and then let them dry naturally can make your hair smooth and also don?t make use of a blow dryer when you washed your hair. 

    4: Hair Mask:

    You can do a hair spa with the use of a hair mask and Sometimes an ideal hair mask is used to customize to suit the requirements of your hair. However, using a hair mask is the primary purpose to remove the moisture content and nourishes the hair. 

    You can either prepare your hair mask by using natural ingredients in order to get the best benefits. As per the Ayurveda, a hair mask is one of the best treatments for hair and scalp. 

    5: Deep condition with hair cream:

    It is one of the most essential steps of any hair spa treatment when you are at your home. You need to choose a deep conditioning hair spa cream or a homemade hair mask with the kitchen ingredients like honey, curd, eggs, and banana. Now, leave the hair mask for at least 15-20 minutes in your hair and then deep condition it with some cream. 

    6: Final Rinse:

    The last step that you need to do is to rinse your hair with a mild shampoo. Also, you can make use of your regular shampoo. Do not rub your hair with a towel or blow dry them and let them dry naturally. 

    Now, you can follow up with a leave-in conditioner and then smooth out and thus protect the hair from damage i.e caused by pollution. Finally, you are now done with your hair spa therapy. By doing this hair spa at home weekly, you can restore your hair to its healthy state and this makes your hair strong. 

    Conclusion: The Hair spa treatments help in contributing to a healthy scalp and nourished hair. Thus, it should be done at least once a month in order to achieve the best results. In the above article, we have shared 6 simple hair spa treatments that you can easily do at your home. 

    Now, you can treat your hair with this beneficial hair therapy without spending too many expenses on hair spa treatments. However, if you are using only natural products for your hair spa then you can even do it once after every 15 days to get glossy hair and it also reduces your hair fall.

    Along with the monthly hair spa, you can follow these simple steps to take care of your hair:

    1: You need to avoid using heating appliances to style your hair.

    2: Try not to tie your hair too tightly as it can become the reason for your hair breakage.

    3: Whenever you step out from the home then you need to cover your hair with a cotton cloth so that you can protect your hair.

    4: Make use of only natural and organic hair products rather than using chemicals or some harsh products.

    5: Include protein in your diet and also eat nuts regularly.

    6: However, if you try to color your hair then you should only use natural hair dyes. 


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