A guide to developing your Instagram Clone Application

    Instagram Clone Application

    We belong to a digital era where virtually any task and activity can be done via mobile applications. You can capitalize on this huge trend by developing an Instagram clone to amass huge profits. Thanks to the power of social media, you can connect to any user from anywhere across the globe, merely with the help of a smartphone and internet connectivity. A user can share what he wants to convey to billions of people through social media apps. As a budding entrepreneur, you can accomplish this via an Instagram clone app for everyone to use.

    Speaking of Instagram, it is a popular photo-sharing / editing mobile application. You can upload images as well as videos to the app which your family members and friends can follow and view. You can track the posts of other people, including celebrities as well. Your posts can be made both public for everyone or private for a select few as well.  Start using the app by following people, and when whomever you are following posts something, it will be displayed in your Instagram Timeline.

    Instagram is also used for branding and for creating social awareness as well.

    Many people are involved in creating an Instagram clone app to generate more significant ROI for their businesses. Features in Instagram cloning app

    Activity Tracking:

    Instagrammers (Instagram Users) must seamlessly be able to track all their activities within the app be it checking posts, comments, following/ following etc


    Thanks to the raging phenomenon called selfie, there have to be umpteen filters within the app that can help in effectively editing pictures.

    User Information:

    Updating the user information in the app like first name, last name mail id and the such must be done with relative ease. Further, featured must be an option to see the total number of followers and following. This applies to photos posted and tagged.

    Simplicity in uploading / removing media files:

    Allow for easy upload and removal of pictures, videos etc. in a few clicks.


    Another important feature, the user ought to get notified for any activity, be it receiving messages, tags being made or when someone likes their uploaded picture or video.

    Geolocation feature:

    By harnessing the power of GPS, the Instagram users must be able to update the location of the media files (photos and videos) that were uploaded. The pictures further should be arranged based on the location.


    Messaging between the user’s followers and following must be integrated with the clone. Other features that can be included are collage and time-lapse, to name a few. So, when we speak about Instagram Clone app development, there are a few steps mentioned below:

    Step 1-

    We start with business requirements analysis, and the resultant goal must be very clear.

    Step 2-

    This phase involves the process of wireframing.

    Step 3-

    This phase is about UI/UX.

    Step 4-

    Here the developer base works with the layouts and give the prototype of the Instagram clone of yours.

    Step 5-

    This is the testing phase which is also essential for the stakeholders and the developer base.

    Step 6-

    The final phase where the clone product is uploaded for download from the Play Stores.

    What is the cost of developing an Instagram Clone App?

    This is related to the platform on which the clone app has to be produced along with the features that are mandatory for the stakeholder base. Time also plays an important role in determining the cost. The pricing varies from $6000 to roughly $15000 for an app that speaks of loads of amazing features.


    At present, there is a surging demand for Instagram clone scripts as it is considered by the Enterprise world as the best way to amass huge lucrative success. InstagramCloneApps is your ideal one-stop destination to get a powerful Instagram Clone at an economical cost. Visit their website at https://www.instagramcloneapps.com/.

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    Prawin Chandru is an Entrepreneur from Instagramcloneapps. The company based in Canada has the needed expertise when it comes to clone products like Instagram Clones. It has delivered several powerfully performing clone products to its customer base to promote its business.

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